March 29 2018

Meet Laura Lee, Transformational Life & Body Coach For Women – Blooming Life Wellness

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I recently relocated to Franklin, TN from Los Angeles. I launched my company, Blooming Life Wellness in 2014 to support women and girls to embrace their bodies, tap into their intuition and confidence & nourish their minds, bodies and souls so that they can lead empowered authentic lives. I’m also a wife and mama to 3 boys who are always teaching me and showing me more about who I am and who I am becoming.

What exactly is Blooming Life Wellness?

Blooming Life Wellness provides 1-1 and group coaching through my signature program for women called Embrace, Awaken, Empower. In this program, women have support, guidance and accountability to get out of struggle and overwhelm in their lives and their relationship with their body to really step powerfully into who they are designed to be with joy and confidence. They learn how to make mindset shifts that empower them to be the person they want to be so they can make the choices to nourish themselves on all levels.  As women, we are always in the process of becoming and this program provides the support, tools and accountability for women to live their lives with purpose and joy and not in comparison, shame or overwhelm.   Other services we provide include workshops for women that bring them together in safe creative spaces for sharing, creating, moving and connecting with other women.  We create spaces for women to connect powerfully to what’s going on inside themselves and to one another through ritual and bringing in creative elements that help to create an experience that ignites all the senses and allows them to go deeper into what it is they are learning.   When women come together to intentionally choose their own well being and that of other women, it’s a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.  There is such healing and transformation in being who we truly are and doing it together.

What inspired you to start Blooming Life Wellness and become a health coach?

6 years ago, I began to go on my own healing journey. I began to let go of old stories I had about how perfect I needed to be and what my body needed to look like in order to be loved and valued.  As I embarked on this journey, I surrendered things in my life that were keeping me stuck and living small and started putting that energy into helping others and teaching them what I myself was learning.  As soon as I experienced healing in my own life, my greatest desire became to share this gift with other women.  It angered me to think how much time I and many other women had wasted in our lives, being held back from our true identity because of the lies of perfectionism or shame.

How did you come up with the name?

One of the first things I did when I began this journey was to begin teaching young people in schools how to nourish their bodies with nutrition and along with that, the kids and I planted their first vegetable garden. It was my first experience growing food and as I planted the seeds, worked the soil, made sure the plants had proper water and sunlight, I was amazed when the first green sprouts began to grow.  I know it happens every day, but having a part in this whole process made me realize how much we are like these plants and flowers.  It made me realize that we too need certain things to grow and bloom into who we are created to be.  That is how the name Blooming Life Wellness came to be.  If we are fully expressed in our lives, connected to what nourishes our spirit, our bodies, and a safe and loving community, we too can bloom into our greatest selves and shine our unique light in the world.

What are your specialties when it comes to training?

I have a bachelor of science in communications from Emerson College in Boston. I was certified as a holistic health coach from IIN and certified in the transformational coaching method from HCI. I also have a certification from UCLA Arts and Healing in Social Emotional Arts facilitation.

What can someone expect from working with you?

A new way of seeing themselves, powerful tools for transforming their lives and bodies, and a lot of fun and joy! Doing this work is really choosing your highest self and making your well being your greatest priority.  By making this choice, you are able to create a lasting foundation of confidence and joy in your life that you will then pass on to everyone you meet and are in relationship with.  This work empowers you to make bold choices, loving choices and embrace your magnificence.  Your soul work allows you to show up for the people you love in powerful ways.  It’s the best kind of work you can ever invest in.

What is your favorite part about running Blooming Life Wellness?

I love connecting with and empowering women. I love the aha’s and transformations I get to witness and I love doing the deeper soul work with women. I love teaching and I love what I get to learn right along with them.  There is such beauty in creating safe supportive sisterhood in group work as well and I really love that dynamic.

Stay Fit and Healthy

What is your least favorite part about running Blooming Life Wellness?

I would have to say the business side of running my own business that includes marketing and financials. I’ve learned the areas that I’m really good at in my business and really try to find ways to get support in some of the areas where I’m not as strong, like the technical side of things. That can sometimes look like hiring someone or by trading services.  You can get creative to make it all work.  This allows me to focus more on what I love…working with clients and teaching workshops.

What is your advice for dealing with roadblocks?

To always go back to check in with yourself to see what your beliefs are at the root of the area of struggle. If I’m struggling or feeling blocked in an area of my life, I look at what I’m believing about myself or the situation and notice how these beliefs are creating my experience.  Only then, when I’m aware, will I understand what beliefs I need to release and what new belief I need to embrace in order to move forward.  It’s a process and it takes intention, but it’s what will allow you to intentionally create what you do want to be experiencing.

How do you spread the word about your company?

Most of the time, word about my company has spread through client referrals as well as social media and blog posts.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Whenever you begin to doubt yourself or what you are creating in the world, go back to your why.

Why did you begin this journey in the first place?

I believe the desires that are put in our hearts are put there for a reason.  The road will not always be easy as an entrepreneur, but the best things in life come to you after you have put in the work, stayed true to your course, persevered when it felt hard and trusted that this desire you have been given has a larger purpose.  I always think about birth when I think about becoming an entrepreneur.  Just like pregnancy, you will go through changes and some of it will feel uncomfortable, but when the baby comes, it’s worth all of the hard work you put in and it can be the most fulfilling work you ever do.  And remember, ask for support or find a group of other women who are also on this journey for ideas, support and accountability.  You don’t have to do it all alone, ever.

Do you have a favorite quote or go to saying?

☺ Yes, “Be willing to let go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you are.” by Brene Brown. As women, we can so easily fall into the trap of comparison when it comes to our abilities, our bodies, our roles in this life. It kills our ability to live our lives, share our message, speak our own truth and be who we were created to be with joy and confidence.  If we can let go of all the should’s, the lies of perfectionism, and the comparisons, we can grow and bloom into our most beautiful, bold and soulful selves.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Yes, I created a free resource for you that will help you to uncover where you might be holding back in your life and to discover where the power leaks are in your life, that are causing you to experience struggle, resistance or overwhelm. You can access the free guide here. http://bit.ly/show-up-powerfully. I created this important resource to powerfully support you as you continue to connect to your confidence and create your life.  After you go through the guide, let me know how I else I can support you!  Also, coming soon, a women’s group I started in Los Angeles, called Soul Sessions, will be moving online.  It’s a beautiful safe place for connection and support as you embark on creating your life with intention.  You can visit this link to sign up for more information and to know when it will go live: http://bloominglifewellness.com/.  You can also follow us on Instagram here: @bloominglifewellnesss or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BloomingLifeWellness/.  If you need support or just want to be in the conversation with me and other women about creating our lives with intention and joy, then definitely sign up on the mailing list by visiting my website at bloominglifewellness.com  You will be the first to know when group programs launch and virtual workshops come up that you can be a part of.   We were never meant to do this thing called life alone and I would love to welcome you to the Blooming Life community!


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