May 16 2016

Monday Motivator – Meet DJ Panda

Did we mention there is a DJ at Connect To Confidence?  Oh, but of course there is. We didn’t miss a thing.  All your favorite girl power songs, DJ’d by the amazing and inspirational powerhouse Jules Schwartz, also known as DJ Panda.

monday motivator
julesschwartzHow did you start DJ’ing? 

I started to DJ beginning with my Bat Mitzvah.

What is the name you DJ as? How did you come up with it?

 I am DJ Panda, and I came up with this name because as I was maturing to become a teenage woman, I admired Pandas. I named myself DJ Panda, because of  my love of Pandas.

Who is your musical influence?  

My musical influence is Daniel Kim. Daniel Kim is so talented and I admire his mash-ups called Pop Danthology. I strive to be as good as he is.

Is it hard to balance being a DJ, school and spending time with friends and family? How do you make it all work?  

So far, it is not very hard to balance my teenage life and DJ’ing because DJ’ing has been a hobby of mine that I do in my free time, but it has grown to more than just a hobby and become a passion, so we’ll see.

Do you ever feel nervous about doing an event? What do you do to pump yourself up?  

I always feel nervous before doing an event.  Who wouldn’t be?  I am always nervous that I won’t have enough songs, which is never the case, or I will not please the crowd. To pump myself up, I usually just tell myself that I will be fine and practice before I go on, and once I start to play the music, most of the fear simply vanishes.

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What do you if there’s no energy in the room?  

If there is no energy in the room I get a little nervous and flustered, but I try as quickly as possible to simply change the song.

What does She’s Fit To Lead mean to you? How does someone show they are fit to lead? 

She’s Fit To Lead means to me that women are more than society sees us as. We are strong and powerful women who need to express ourselves for who we are and not be who society tells us to be. Someone may show they are fit to lead by being herself and not being afraid of what is cool and what is not cool. You must have courage and be confident in what you are doing to be fit to lead.

Thanks, Jules. Can’t wait to see you Saturday!
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