March 1 2016

A Meal in Minutes, Again and Again: One Recipe Three Ways by Kate Moffett

It’s four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. You worked out during lunch, or maybe you just worked through it. There’s leftover pizza. You have a yogurt. The pizza is so tempting; it’s right there, and you can even eat it cold. Yogurt is a quick, healthy, choice. You could order something. Pizza may be quick, but it’s really not a healthy choice. Yogurt is quick and healthy, but you feel like you eat so much yogurt. Healthy, high-flavor, delivery options when you’re in a hurry are hard to find. Put down the pizza box, the spoon and the phone; there are better options.

I leave early in the morning, and I come home late a lot. I like to leave myself a snack or a light dinner to avoid finishing up that leftover pizza my coworkers left out, eating one more Greek yogurt, or ordering delivery. It’s a small act of self care that helps me lead a balanced lifestyle. I also like having a quick, healthy recipe I can make in minutes if I haven’t made anything for myself in advance. Either way, I feel confident knowing I’m taking care of myself; I’m eating to lead with healthy, fresh food.

One set of ingredients offers me three healthy, yummy choices with three healthy preparations of Turkey Cobb Salad Wraps.


Base Ingredients:
1 6-inch Low Carb Wrap
3 Slices Light/Lean or Thin Slice Low Sodium Smoked Turkey
¼ Avocado, sliced
1 Hard Boiled Egg, Chopped
1-2 Slices Turkey Bacon
2-3 Tomato Slices
2-4 Lettuce Leaves

Optional Add-Ins:
1 teaspoon light mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha
or Fat-Free Blue Cheese Dressing

I love this healthy recipe. It’s very high in protein and low in sugar. You can adjust the veggies as much as you like.  The wrap just needs to close. The only thing that needs to be cooked is the turkey bacon, and you can even do that in the microwave. Many supermarkets carry hard boiled eggs. For a little extra flavor and a little extra kick, I mix a just a teaspoon of light mayonnaise with Sriracha; I like spice. If you prefer a Cobb salad flavor profile that includes blue cheese, you might use a little bit of fat free blue cheese dressing.

Kate-Moffett-Turkey-Cobb-PinwheelsTurkey Cobb Pinwheels

My favorite version is the turkey Cobb salad pinwheels. They’re quick, healthy and yummy. If you slice the wrap into six, these are approximately 45 calories a piece. Pop them into a container and you have a quick bite, a 100-calorie snack, or a meal if you eat them all.

Kate-Moffett-Lettuce-WrapCobb Salad Lettuce Wraps

I also really like the lettuce wrap. It’s high protein, almost no carbs and it’s a great alternative to another typical wrap or sandwich. It’s crisp, it’s light, and you can make it as big or as small as you want depending on the size of the leaf. Have a nibble or choose a large leaf and make a light meal. It leaves me feeling fresh, balanced and fit.

Kate-Moffett-WrapClassic Wraps

There’s nothing wrong with a classic. The most obvious version is an actual wrap. A 6-inch low carb wrap isn’t a bad option. Split in half, this makes a good snack.

When I start my day walking my dog at 6:15 AM before I go to barre class and launch into a full day or on days when I come home late, I find some balance and enjoy a little peace when I know a healthy dinner or snack will be waiting for me. When the day starts early and ends late, I stay focused with a high-protein pinwheel or two. One these days, the food I choose takes care of my mind and body. It’s a pretty good return for an investment of ten minutes of my time plus grocery shopping!

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