October 27 2016

Do It In Your Bikini – Meet Bethany Ludlum – Founder of Lsea Swimwear

Do good we mean! Bethany Ludlum, bikini designer and founder of Lsea Swimwear, (lseaswimwear.com) is using her talent and ingenuity to create amazing swimwear and help provide education, nutrition and health services in the Dominican Republic. To learn how to shop this beautiful collection and how to become an Lsea promoter (for brand discounts), read on:

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-19-19-pm1. What was your inspiration for founding Lsea Swimwear?

My biggest inspiration for starting Lsea Swimwear was probably my search for finding my purpose. I was printing T-shirts, life guarding and working at a gym before this whole thing got started. I loved being busy but at the end of the day I never really felt like I was making a difference, and I never felt like I was living out my true purpose. After my first trip to the Dominican a couple years back, my Husband and I decided that we would move there.   Doing different projects and loving on the people there was where we found our purpose. It was fulfilling and we fell in love with the lifestyle. Like anything in life, we had to be practical. Moving to a new country would be a big challenge, and we wanted to make sure we could make a steady income from the Dominican to support ourselves and the projects we wanted to do. That’s where Lsea Came in. Sewing and creating is something I truly love! Like any beach girl, bikinis are just as if not more important than clothing. Lsea isn’t just bikinis, but they are bikinis that give back! Each month a portion of our profits are donated to missions, projects in the Dominican Republic to help provide nutrition, education and fun!

2. How did you choose the name?
My Husband actually helped with that. I wanted to Call it “Lost at Sea Swimwear,” but that name was long and needed to be simplified, so my husband suggested “Lsea Swimwear” for short and I loved it.
screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-29-27-pm3. How are you helping kids and communities in the Dominican Republic?

Well right now, we are working with a Pastor in Villa Altagracia. He lives in a Village with our cousins who also live their. They introduced us on our first visits, and he shared with us his vision for this village. He wanted to start a church and a school. As of 8 months ago his wishes started coming true. We’ve started with Preschool and kindergarten because there was nothing there to provide those age groups education. They now go to school and get food and nutrition. They also have fun activities and learn good life principles. As we grow and other donors get involved, the school will expand. It’s is already growing so fast that they are running out of room!

4. What’s trending in swimwear this season?
This year in swimwear, the old retro styles are really starting to come back. Wearing your bikini bottoms up high on your hip and one pieces that our parents used to wear. Our new Collection is is the works and screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-32-36-pmwill be dropping this January, so keep and eye out for some fun pieces coming your way.
5. What’s your favorite look?
My favorite is a more sporty top like our Kolby Top or Bailey Top simply because I want something that I can depend on in the waves.
6. How do you spread the word about your mission?
Instagram is our biggest platform on social media. It’s been great for helping us spread our mission and our bikinis @lseaswimwear
7. How did you actually get started? Did you have to convince anyone that you had a good idea?  If so, how did you do it?
I got started by making my own bikinis. After lots and lots of practice, I decided that they were something I could sell and make into a business. I’m not the type to try and convince others. I’d rather let my results speak for themselves. I didn’t really make a big deal about it to anyone. All of my friends and family are extremely supportive and really got behind the brand. Lots of the models you see are actually my friends.
8. What’s it like to work with your husband? Isn’t that a lot of togetherness?
Well it’s actually the complete opposite! He kind of stays out of the Swimwear stuff. When it comes to projects in the Dominican, he’s all about it, but he lets me do my thing when it comes to the Swimwear. He keeps really busy with his work, so we actually have to schedule time together which is funny, because we both work from home. He’s really great though and supports all my crazy ideas.

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9. Is there an inspirational quote that inspires and motivates you in your mission?  
I wouldn’t say that I have a quote or at least I can’t think of one, but seeing other people live out their dream is probably what inspires me the most. I believe that with hard work and determination I too can live out all my dreams.
10. How can we get involved (besides shopping)? What do your promoters do?
Right now shopping and spreading the word about our brand is the best way to get involved. In the future, once we live in DR, we would love to have teams of volunteers come. Helping others and experiencing different cultures can really be a life changer, and we would love for me people to experience that.
We do have a promotor team. It’s an Instagram based team of over 100+ girls who love our mission and our bikinis and they help spread that to all of their followers. They get discounts off our swimwear and a Code to share with their followers. Without them we are limited and can only reach so many people, but with them we are able to make a much larger impact and reach people who would have maybe never heard of our brand. You can apply to be a promotor by going to lseaswimwear.com/join/
Thank you so much for your time and your interest in getting to know me and the story behind Lsea 💕

2 thoughts on “Do It In Your Bikini – Meet Bethany Ludlum – Founder of Lsea Swimwear

  1. Bethany, I am so proud to be your aunt, and Charity is so proud to be your cousin. You have grown into an AMAZING young lady who is doing incredible things!! There is no limit to what you can do with God’s help!

  2. Bethany, I am so proud of the woman you have become! You are talented, creative, tenacious, and kind-hearted. With this amazing combo, I know you and your equally amazing hubby are going to do incredible things that count for eternity.

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