February 10 2016

What Is Love? Quotes From Real Guys and Girls by Jordan Cohen

What do you think of when you hear Valentine’s Day? Is it romance? Is it candy? Is it a night in with your two best guys – Ben and Jerry of course? How about your boyfriend or best guy friend or even the guy down the hall ? What do THEY think? I decided to find out.

Girl’s perspective:

“To me Valentine’s Day is everyday! I feel like making that day about showing someone you love them isn’t enough; everyday is a day to let someone know you care, but Valentine’s Day is a day where everyone is encouraged to show the love that’s always there!”

“Valentine’s day= chocolate and crying.”

“Candy, obviously.”

“My mom always used to make these sugar cookies in heart shapes on Popsicle sticks and for whatever reason they were better on a stick.”

“Dunkin Donuts heart shaped donuts.”

“To me, love is being able to look fondly back on the past and seek exciting adventures in the future with someone.”

“Valentine’s Day is flowers, chocolates, and hearts, but love is more than flowers, chocolates,] and hearts.”

“I’m a firm believer in Valentine’s day, the only men I need this year are Ben and Jerry.”

“Pink and red, but I also think of me sitting in my bed watching Netflix… by myself.”

“Well Valentine’s day is an annoying day for someone who has been single for 20 years, but I think love in itself is sharing happiness, bringing out the best in each other, and never second guessing putting that effort forward.”



Boy’s perspective:

“Love means you want to spend every moment with someone, and you have a deep connection that can not be put into words.”

“Valentine’s day, I think of chocolate and couples.”

“I think of a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal.”

“Expensive flowers that die!”

“Valentine’s Day is like a day of appreciation for your loved ones, it can be romantic but doesn’t have to, just as long as you show the one you’re celebrating it with how much you care.”

“It’s Mandatory and far more expensive than any other date night.”

“Valentine’s Day is a chance to show her how serious you actually are.”

“Valentine’s Day is a chance for friends to get out of the friend zone or a chance to get stuck even further in the friend zone.”

“Unnecessary spending on sappy romantic stuff.”

“Valentine’s Day is a day to take a step back from the chaos of life to appreciate the person who care the most about.”

“I think that the word love is thrown around so loosely in our society that it is hard to describe the feeling when you hear it being used in the appropriate context. I guess a sense of belonging comes to mind when I think of Valentine’s day for me. It means having an excuse to dress up, eat good food, and make someone you love feel special.”

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