July 26 2018

LottoLove – Lottery Tickets With A Social Purpose!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from a beautiful, tiny town in Northern Michigan. After I graduated from the University of Michigan and Chicago Portfolio School, I moved to New York where I started a branding company called Tiny Rebels and soon after LottoLove. Currently, I live in Brooklyn with my Husband, but my Midwest pride is as strong as ever. When I’m not doing something LottoLove related you can find me cooking or riding my bike around Brooklyn.

What exactly is LottoLove?

LottoLove is the first ever scratch off card with a social mission and the only gifting item of its kind. Our goal is to make charitable giving part of everyday gifting. Instead of winning something monetary you win a charitable prize that is donated to someone in need! Cards either give clean water, solar energy, nutritious meals or literacy tools. LottoLove is a gifting item and great for any occasion!

How does LottoLove work?

I hate to spoil it, but everyone is a winner with LottoLove! Our game is similar to that of lottery ticket as it is a matching game, but instead of matching numbers players match icons that are tied to our four preselected Charitable Partners. Once a card is purchased we donate to the respective charity. The recipient of the card plays the game to discover their charitable prize. After revealing the match they learn that a donation was made to someone in need in their honor. We want charitable giving to be fun, interactive and easy! Each scratch off card comes with a greeting card and envelope to make gifting a little more seamless.

What inspired you to start LottoLove?

At a young age my parents showed us the importance of giving back and helping those less fortunate. As a family we went on mission trips to Central America and were able to help first hand. It was an extremely emotional and remarkable experience. It was the best feeling to give to people who were in need and who were so appreciative of the tiniest things. I remember being shocked by the extreme poverty and feeling sad, but also energized to make a change in my life and in other’s. Fast forward to several years ago when I started a design shop, called Tiny Rebels, which focused on branding. We worked with a lot of social good companies and I especially enjoyed collaborating with them. I really felt like I was able to give back as I helped build these brands whose mission was to donate to good causes. I was ready to do more and have more of a direct impact while building something that didn’t exist. LottoLove first and foremost gives back to people all over the world but also combines my love of design and creativity.

How did you come up with the name?

I’m a master of lists. I love brainstorming and making lists for anything pretty much. During a road trip with my now Husband, I started writing down a bunch of names and slowly through the evolution of the combination of words I came up with LottoLove- it was obvious that it was the winner. 🙂

Can you share with us an experience a LottoLove customer shared with you?

My customers are all so wonderful. We participate in some markets around New York so I get to personally interact with some of them and when they learn about LottoLove their faces light up. They immediately tell me a story about the person who will be receiving the cards. I feel that connection with them when they tell me how they will use LottoLove. One customer bought cards for her entire extended family for Thanksgiving to put at their place settings because it is their tradition to give back during the Holidays. She thanked me for creating LottoLove and said everyone is going to love it.

What is your favorite part about running LottoLove?

Working on LottoLove is inspiring every day. I have this sense that families all around the world are depending on me and that really pushes me to give LottoLove my all every day. I recently came back from Kenay where I visited one of the sites of our Literacy Partner, LitWorld. I spent the day with all the wonderful children who are on the receiving end of our donations and it was absolutely beautiful. Meeting the people we work so hard to support from across the world is very special. I love knowing that every part of this business supports the end goal of making a positive impact on people’s lives, so it’s really all my favorite.

Stay Fit and Healthy

What is your least favorite part about running LottoLove?

That’s a hard question. I enjoy all parts of my job even the challenging parts because every task is crucial to donating the most possible. Some days are less glamorous than others, but that’s what keeps it all interesting.

How do you spread the word about your company?

As of right now our visibility has been completely organic. We are active on Facebook and Instagram and those outlets definitely help us spread the word and reach people. I must thank our customers for their role in sharing our story via word of mouth as that has been hugely helpful.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Oh, there is so much! Be confident and authentic. Believe in what you’re doing 100% and don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t be shy about connecting with people and reaching out, it’s okay to be the squeaky wheel.

Do you have a favorite quote or go to saying? 🙂

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.
– Pablo Picasso

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.
– Kevin Kruse

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