February 19 2016

Make Your Day A Little Brighter – 5 Quick Little Life Hacks by Shelby Wildgust

Make Your Day A Little Brighter: 5 Quick Little “Life Hacks”

Set an Alarm Signaling Your Bedtime
This one may not seem all that exciting, but trust me, it has changed my life. The average adult needs 7 hours of sleep per night, and although I’m sure you can find people who will challenge me on this, there are scientific studies that show the levels of productivity among those who get 7 and those who get 5 or 6. So, why the alarm? All throughout our lives, we have used an alarm to signal waking up, and we have used timers to signal when it’s time to stop or start something. So naturally, our brains are conditioned to make some sort of change when an alarm, or buzzer, goes off. By setting an alarm signaling bedtime, there will be an immediate reaction in your mind, whether you notice it or not, that will help you to start winding down, and eventually hit the sheets. Newbie Advice: Set 2 alarms, one to remind you to start winding down, and the second to signal “lights off”.

alarmclock gifMake Your Bed in the Morning
You know those pesky to-do lists? Well, believe it or not, you are much more likely to complete your daily to-do’s if you start the day off by making your bed. By getting this small, 2 minute task, out of the way first thing in the morning, it sets the precedent for accomplishing the rest of your little menial tasks. Not to mention, who doesn’t love crawling into a freshly made bed at night!?

womaninbedgiphyWake up 30 Minutes Earlier
Have you ever caught yourself complaining about “not having enough time”? Well, you do. If you wake up 30 minutes earlier every day of the week, that’s an additional 3 and half hours per week that you now have to get more work done, or just have some extra “you” time. It’s an extra 14 hours per month, and get this, an extra 168 hours per year. Newsflash, that’s an extra 7 days a year. A WHOLE FREAKIN’ WEEK!!!! Pretty crazy, right!?

awesomegiphyExercise in the Morning
If you are a gym-goer, make it your mission to get there in the morning. Working out releasing endorphins, and endorphins enhance your mood. Who wouldn’t want to enhance their mood in the morning!? Also, similarly to tip #2, by getting to the gym in the morning, it decreases the chance of you “putting it off” like so many of us do, especially right around this time, when those New Years Resolutions aren’t so “new” anymore.

pushupgiphySet Daily Intentions
Daily Intentions” are NOT to-do lists, they are wayyyyy more soulful. Daily Intentions involve your “vibe”, your “feelings”, your “energy”. When you wake up in the morning, think about the person you want to be that day. Do you want to exude a loving energy? A happy energy? A “don’t talk to me” energy? The list can go on and on, and everyone has a unique energy that they really associate themselves with. Setting these intentions will help you go throughout the day making better decisions and having more quality interactions. It will align your daily actions with your heart and soul. When you set your Daily Intentions, say them outloud, hear the way they sound, and embrace the guidance they will offer!

openeyegiphyAs you have probably noticed, all of these Life Hacks involve the morning in some way. Mornings are a sacred time for the human race. And it is true that how you start your morning usually sets the tone for the rest of the day, so starting out on the “right foot” is incredibly valuable. I encourage you to give these 5 tips a try! I’m sure you would agree, but we can always add a little more positivity to our daily life! 🙂

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