February 26 2016

How To Let Go…Gracefully by Briana Esposito

We all have that one person (maybe 5) where if we had the opportunity to really hit ‘em where it hurts, we would, BUT, I have learned after many many high emotion-loud speaking-boy shaming-b*tch flip sessions with my friends (or myself) that letting go gracefully is a lot more rewarding.

Trust me, I know this isn’t easy, and I could personally list a few people off the top of my head for whom I’d love to plan some Blair Waldorf sort of revenge, but lets face it; this isn’t the Upper East Side.  We don’t have Gossip Girl to help us out, and honestly, we can’t all be as clever and conniving as Queen B.



BUT we are grown ass women and we can do this without scheming and without driving our friends off a cliff.


First: Let it all out.

Put on Dirty Dancing (or your sad movie of choice), and let yourself cry. It’s okay to do this, BUT only do this once. Let yourself binge watch sad romance movies, eat some Skittles, and feel pathetic, but make sure this is the last time you do this for that one person. You only get one acceptable depressing night per sh*ty individual, because after that, its time to move on.


Second: Surround yourself with your People

i'm your personNothing feels better than to be surrounded by the people you love, the people that make you laugh no matter what, the ones that don’t care if you have to vent. The whole purpose of having a SQUAD is to have people that you can dish out all your thoughts to, avoiding that excessively long and embarrassing Facebook post, which we have all been tempted to write. Let them snuggle you. Let them tell you how great you are. Let them take you out. That’s what they are there for.

Third: Be your biggest fan

After things go down, it’s hard not to take it personally and feel down on yourself, wonder what went wrong, and wonder what you could have done differently. But STOP. It went wrong because it wasn’t supposed to be right, and that’s it. Take some time to focus on you and the things you need and want. Read a book.  Get a pedi.  Have a girls night out, or better yet in.  Drink some wine (if you’re of age of course).  Listen to a badass break up playlist on 8tracks.  Do whatever you need to do to feel like you again.

I promise you, the best revenge is to just be happy.


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