September 15 2016

Meet Olivia Schreiber, CEO and Founder of Latico by Liv


Meet Olivia Schreiber, CEO and Founder of Latico by Liv. We love Latico by Liv, because all of the products are amazing!

What exactly is Latico by Liv? Where did you get the idea for Latico by Liv? How did you start Latico by Liv?

Latico Leathers is a leather goods company created and run by my family. Their bags are sold in boutiques and name brand stores, including Free People.  My father,  fresh out of college, began creating leather goods and selling them out of the back of his truck in New York City. “[My father’s] story taught me a lot about perseverance and dedication to one’s work–to always be proud, to never give up, to keep going forward”. My dad began collaborating with my mother (who had a background in and an eye for European trends), and the business took off from there. As I got older, I began running Latico’s social media, as well as helping my mom with new collections. “My parents never pushed me to do anything involving Latico. I usually just wanted to help my mom get out of the office earlier so that we could go to a Zumba class together.” I loved working with Latico and I knew I wanted to do something separate from what my parents had created, and that was how Latico by Liv was born. I saw an opportunity in the fashion industry to create multifunctional handbags that were independent from what was already on the college fashion market.  Our friends at The Sweat Scene interviewed Liv, and you can read more of that interview [here].  

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. Those who know me know that my mind is constantly buzzing. From street style to watching the trends amongst my peers, talking to friends, and flipping through magazines and Instagram! I also love going into vintage stores, looking at vintage throwback on IG, and going into the men’s section in all stores.


What was it like starting a business?

I didn’t really start from scratch because I have been fortunate enough to witness the life of Latico Leathers and have real life experience at trade shows and in the office. But at the same time, it is definitely fast-paced, exciting, and requires a ton of work. I still consider myself to be starting Latico by Liv, so I’m almost not able to fully answer this question. I have a lot of work to do! 🙂

What was your business breakthrough moment?

I have been selling and promoting miscellaneous businesses since I was 4 years old, starting with my first beaded jewelry making company. I got into the old craft of ironing little colorful beads into cool patterns and tiles, and would go around the neighborhood half-begging, half-selling my neighbors to buy them. Looking back on it now, I’m convinced my mom called them beforehand and paid them to beg for my product.

I was a renowned masseuse by the age of 8, offering back massages to family members at holidays and events. My twin brother and I baked and sold lemonade, water, and sugar cookies on our cul-de-sac from the time we were allowed to go out on our own until about sixth grade. In sixth grade, I began my own clothing company, splattering paint on just about everything and selling my products at school. I felt super cool when the eighth grade girls bought my headbands! At 15, I sold Peloton spin bikes at the mall, and was the student in charge of “selling” my private school to potential celebrity and MVPs by being chosen to give tours in middle and high school.

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I guess the point of bringing up my entrepreneurial moments is that I want people to recognize that my motivation and desire to be an entrepreneur were not sparked by anything but my own flame. So, my business breakthrough moment was never just one breakthrough moment. My life has been a complete development and recreation of my past “businesses” rolled into one. And anyone can do it, too.

I also continue to strive for more because I once saw this quote — I love quotes; they’re all over my room — and it said, “Would your 8-year-old self be proud of the person you have become?” That has always stuck with me and I think about it every day.


What is your favorite part of running Latico by Liv?

Connecting with a different audience, college-aged girls, is one that requires little second-guessing and a lot of creativity! Also, everyone who knows me knows that I have always been inspired by my role models, past and present. I want to be a role model for other girls and it is very important that girls who rep Latico understand that when carrying Latico, they must be good role models, too. That way, Latico by Liv isn’t just a handbag line, but a “feel good, spread love” type of company. I want to motivate, inspire, and be inspired. Latico by Liv allows me to be the best version of myself, with integrity and sincerity. I’m my own competition, each and every day.

Also, I think Latico by Liv helped me to see that there are artists who don’t realize they are artists. I am one of those people. I cannot necessarily draw the next Mona Lisa, but I utilize different creative sources to see a vision that is subjectively “fashionable” to me. I’ve recently realized that we don’t have to just belong to one box. I’m not just a sorority girl or just an athlete or just a nerd.

What is next? What are you dreams for Latico by Liv?

Right now, I’m setting up a few trunk shows around the country for sororities and campus groups who want to rock Latico by Liv. I’m in the Gamma Phi Beta sorority at UW-Madison, and good friends with girls both in and out of sororities. A dream of mine is to be out and about on a Saturday night and spot a girl repping her Latico by Liv. How awesome would that be?

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-1-29-45-pmWhat is your favorite product you have designed?

Well, my favorite patent is the COINKEEPER, a mechanism on the front of handbags that acts as a tiny slot, with an interior pocket connected. Loose change is not a problem! Slide the coin into the little change slot and your pesky change is now safe and sound, inside of your cross body bag.

I also love:

This was HBFit’s pick of the month this past summer– and I looove Hannah Bronfman’s instagram!

What was the biggest surprise in your job?

That chicken feet do not get recycled at meat farms, which is why I started using them for leather. Cue our Amazonia collection!

Where do you go to school and what are you studying?

University of Wisconsin Madison, Journalism!


I also love talking to people who are so passionate about what they do. I’m really interested in always talking to others and seeing why they love their jobs and what their dreams are. I want to do something that will always evoke a light in my eyes when people ask me about it.. That’s the end goal.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, making friends with Uber drivers and spending time with family and friends. I’m also usually on the phone when going to class, which is what I get jokingly teased about it quite a lot. I just always have so much to catch up on with family and friends.

Relationships are very important to me. My friendships are valuable to me because they require selectivity; I think it is so awesome that we get to choose who we want to surround ourselves with. But it’s important to surround yourself with people who challenge you and force you to be a better person, or whatever you want to be. Top of my list.

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What is your current binge watch?

I might sound super nerdy- but I lived in Barcelona this summer, so I love watching Netflix in Spanish. I also used to love to read and have to get back into it – at school it’s hard to find the time, but right now I’m reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell- my twin brother, Ben, gave it to me for the flight from NJ to Wisconsin!

What do you do for fun?

Take local workout classes in Madison, train for a half marathon, and goof around with friends. I love meeting up with people, and seeing and trying new things. Last night I went to see the Sundance Film Festival award-winning movie , Little Sister. It was all in Japanese but had subtitles and I thought it was an entertaining film and had never seen a Japanese movie. I just want to do more, see more, and be more. You can’t live the same year over 75 times and call it a life.

Describe yourself in one word


How would your best friends describe you?

Loyal, Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Uber-Friendly

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