July 23 2016

Late Night Eating is Coming: How to Stay Fit this Fall

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Looking back on my freshman year of college, there are a lot of things I could have done differently to avoid late night snacking in the library or a late night treat after a long night out. Although there is a social aspect to this, there is a point where it can lead into an

IMG_2452unhealthy cycle. So this fall, make these simple and easy changes to avoiding that late night Dominos you may regret the next morning. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry, or if there is another motivation behind eating. If you realize you are using food as a distraction while trying to study, opt for a fresh fruit popsicle while making your flash cards for tomorrow’s test.

Make it a goal to eat three solid meals throughout the day with at least a snack to make sure that you do not go out on an empty stomach. You are bound to be dancing the night away to Beyonce so make sure you are nourished. If you skip dinner you are more likely to come home starving and binge on ice cream. Listen to your hunger signals throughout the day.

If you do end up having a snack late at night… let yourself know that is totally normal and okay. If you feel hungry, eat! Most likely, if you are up till 1am studying and haven’t eaten dinner since 7pm you are going to be physiologically hungry. Opt for something with protein like a piece of wheat toast with almond butter or carrots and hummus!

Stay active! As a freshman I remember it was so easy to become exhausted after a long day of classes and meeting new people. However, not every day was like this. On the days that I had free time I would make it a priority to make sure I went to a group exercise class or a mom walk with friends!

Try to get your studying in during the day so you can avoid having to stay up endless hours at night! I know this can be hard.  I am the queen of procrastination, but just think about all the memories you could make if you have time at night to spend with friends!   Here’s to a happy, healthy and not overstuffed Fall!!


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