September 16 2016

Why it’s so important for young women to ‘Keep Up’

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

Kim Kardashian is a name that everyone recognizes, whether they are fans or not. She is a mother, wife, and sister. She’s a fashion icon, celebrity, and a figure of inspiration.

It’s no secret that the beginning of Mrs. Kardashian West’s journey to fame wasn’t such a shining time in her life; however, the way she and her family have taken such a negative time and, seven years later, created one of the wealthiest empires is not only extremely impressive, but even more empowering. For goodness sake, Kim and her younger sister Kendall Jenner were both photographed for the cover of Vogue — the holy grail of fashion, the bible of all things fashion.

Besides landing a huge deal with Vogue, Kim, along with her sisters and mom-ager, Kris Jenner, have worked long and hard to get on to the platforms they have today.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

This family stands for so many things, but for me, and other young women, the most important is that hard work, respect, and family are so important to them. Each and everyone of them are actively involved in their businesses,  and they sure as hell deserve to be where they are.

Between Kylie’s million-dollar makeup empire, Khloe’s hard work and motivation to get into shape, and Kim’s $80 million video game, these ladies have it all and are huge role models for girls who try to lead a healthier lifestyle and live successful lives.

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They continue to prove that when you get knocked down, you have to get back up and work hard for the things you want. I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with loyal, caring, and supportive people can help you reach the most challenging goals. Wanting something, working hard for it, and receiving it — whatever that may be — is the most satisfying feeling in the world and each and every woman part of the Kar-Jenner empire have successful fulfilled her dreams and more.

Although most of us are not on the same level these women are, the principles and determination they have can be applied to anyone and any goal, if you are willing to do it. That is what I have learned from Keeping Up, and you will, too!

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