October 8 2015

Keep Your Heels High and Your Confidence Higher by Emma Herschman

Tips on boosting your confidence through your personal wardrobe:

If there is one thing that makes me feel like the most confident person in the world, it’s my wardrobe. Fashion is a major part of my everyday life. Why?   

  1.    It inspires me to do well in school (big fan of dress for success courtesy of my high school history teacher Ms. Rosen)

Screenshot 2015-10-07 22.35.43


  1.    It allows for compliments (lets be honest who doesn’t eat this up)


  1.    Lastly it gives me the BIGGEST confidence boost.


Now I am not saying that you HAVE to be into the latest trends in order to look and feel good, you just have to be into your personal trend. If dressing in sweats makes you feel good about yourself DO IT. Bend the rules of fashion! Do what makes you happy and comfortable, and if you don’t love the way you’re feeling about yourself in sweats and you want to look cute, you could always go for my personal favorite:

Sunday Funday outfit: leggings, an oversized tee, & a flannel. This is what I call the “effortlessly cutesy” look.

Screenshot 2015-10-07 22.36.16

As for going out, let’s face it we all want to look and feel hot! But if you’re like my friends and myself, there’s always going to be those nights where you just aren’t feeling it. Whether your hair isn’t working with you, or you don’t like any outfit you try on. My advice? Look in your closet grab your highest pair of heels and take a look in that full-length mirror cause girl I’m sure you’re looking hot. There is nothing like adding a nice heel to any outfit for that confidence boost.  Take some pics, post them on social media, and dance the night away with your girlfriends! Confidence is KEY.


Look good, feel good, do good!

Lots of Love & Confidence

XO Emma

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Emma Herschman is a student at Ithaca College.  She is a SFTL contributing writer and on the Executive Board of ICSFTL, Ithaca’s SFTL Chapter.  

One thought on “Keep Your Heels High and Your Confidence Higher by Emma Herschman

  1. You couldn’t have said this better!! After studying for an exam until maybe 4am, I caught myself wondering WHY I was feeling remotely confident… It was those fall booties with heels I was wearing!

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