February 11 2016

You Got The Job! Now, What Do They Really Want From You? By Andrea Seib

giphyYou’ve landed the internship and are both excited and nervous. One of the best ways you can prepare for an internship is to consider the mindset of your future boss.  Let’s say I’m that potential future boss.

Who am I?

I’m likely a mid to senior level manager with a lot on my plate. I want to give my intern the best possible experience, but I don’t always have the time to hold your hand. I’m trying to look good for my boss, and you are here to help me do that.  If you do a great job, hopefully at the end of the internship I can hire you.

What do I want?

You likely got the internship, because I sensed you would be bright and hardworking. Demonstrating the following qualities and skills will make you the company all-star and hopefully help you to get hired.


This is a given but is also extremely important. I expect you to be extremely detail oriented with an eye on the most minor of details. Double-check your work before sharing it with me. Please don’t waste time by having to do it again.


I need someone who can take a project and run with it. Follow my initial instructions and keep the project and team progressing. Just make sure to check in with me intermittently with updates and questions.





Sometimes you will be asked to do some pretty mundane things. Keep in mind that most people start at the bottom and that a team can only function if each of its members performs his or her duties. Please don’t complain or have a negative attitude if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. Take a vested interest in the project and make your positive attitude contagious.

6492c7d401264ece4eb63eee3ef449feFresh thinking:

This is a big one. Don’t show up and just do what you’re asked. Be proactive and bring new ideas to the table. This skill will also help you to get promoted once you’re hired. After all, new ideas are a part of what makes a company forward-thinking and successful.

Hopefully this information will help you prepare for a meaningful and successful internship!

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