March 8 2016

International Women’s Day – Reflections On My Semester In Rome by Adriana Sensebrenner

adriana1While studying abroad in Rome, I discovered that young women in Italy have the same drive to succeed as women in the United States. They are attracted to jobs surrounding public policy and the government, and many of them participate in Model United Nations. This passion for politics was the driving force behind my Italian colleagues creating European People, a student organization dedicated to advancing the rights of European citizens. I was able to work with my Italian colleagues in creating their major project IMEP (Italian Model European Parliament), a type of Model UN for Europe. The majority of the group were young college women, all passionate and dedicated to jumpstarting this amazing opportunity for Italian and European high school students. Studying abroad exposed me to this entrepreneurial spirit of young Italian women. Even though I only stayed a semester in Rome, my Italian colleagues are continuing to grow IMEP into a reality. Their dedication to women’s issues is incorporated within the framework of IMEP where there is a women’s equality committee which I also participated in.

adriana2Because of studying abroad in Rome, I became exposed to the passionate and dedicated women entrepreneurs within the Italian student body.


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