March 8 2016

Confidence Through The Arts y Dia de la Mujer by Ximena Iglesias

Many artists are labeled as loons. Lewis Carroll, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Beethoven, Lady Gaga… But my favorite is Frida Kahlo. She is known for many things, but if there is one thing you should remember by the end of this article it’s #EyebrowsOnFleek.
Kahlo is very near and dear to my heart. Why? Well she’s a huge Hispanic icon, internationally known for her artwork. She was well educated, athletic and a fighter, however faced Polio in her right leg and a diagnosis of with spina bifida. In addition, she was hit by a vehicle, leaving her partially immobile and depressed. Her escape? Painting. Self-portraits of course, the original selfie. In reality, she used her paintings to capture her experiences with physical and psychological wounds in a surreal manner. In total she created 143 paintings, where 55 are self-portraits.

Maybe you have seen her work, maybe not. Let’s take a look:

self-portrait-with-necklace-of-thorns Without-Hope nceMyBirthHuilesurMtal305x35cm-vi Kahlo-Self-Portrait-with-Cropped-Hair-276x395 the-wounded-table frieda-and-diego-rivera FridaKahloMeandMyParrots1941









#EyebrowsOnFleek However you chose to look at her paintings and whatever you take out of this story, I hope it empowers every woman to work with even the worst of their situations. Grow from your experience and be a badass – just like Frida!




Meet Ximena:


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