July 19 2015

It’s Not Easy Being Green by Hallie Salko, SFTL Contributing Writer

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Who doesn’t love frogs?  There’s this guy of course.


And then of course, there’s this:

Frogs make me think of summer.

So, this week, for “Play With Your Food,” I wanted to make a frog out of a watermelon!  And I did!!

Here’s how:

1.  Buy a whole watermelon.

2.  Carefully cut a thin slice of rind off of one of the ends, like this:  DSC_0765

This will make a base so your watermelon isn’t wobbling all over the place while you create.  Don’t throw out that slice of rind.  You will need it later.

3.  Using a pen draw a straight line across the melon from end to end, and an arc above.

4.  Use a sharp knife and remove the piece you just drew.

5.  Scoop out your melon.  It will look like this: DSC_0805

6.  Take the piece of rind that you cut from the bottom.  Cut two semi circles.  Cut two slits on the top of the melon and slide the two semi circles into the slits.  Place a blueberry in front of each of the semi circles.  (These are your frog’s eyes).

7.  Fill with the fruit of your choice.  DSC_0932

What to do with the leftover watermelon?

Throw it in the blender and freeze in an ice cube tray or into ice pops.  You can also put some in ice water for some watermelon infused water.

I also saved the juice from the watermelon:

You can use it in smoothies or as a refreshing drink on it’s own.

While I was playing, I also decided to make my own acai bowl.  I used:

1 pack of Sambazon Acai Berry Superfruit Packs – Original Blend

1 package of Woodstock Organic Tropical Fruit Blend (this is frozen fruit – it gives you the frozen texture without diluting it like ice does)

1 cup of Blue Diamond unsweetened Almond/Coconut milk.  You can use any juice, coconut water or milk of your choice.

Blend.  This should be thick enough to be eaten with a spoon.

I wanted it to look pretty, so I put it in a pineapple!

Twist the top off the pineapple.  Do not core.

Slice a slice off the bottom (at least I needed to because I couldn’t get my knife through otherwise).

Slice the pineapple  lengthwise.

Scoop out the center.

Fill with your acai bowl.

Top with fresh berries.  DSC_0869




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