September 5 2017

It Is All Happening With Happinz

What is Happinz?  How did you choose the name?

  • Happinz is a fun, fresh accessories line that is made out of safety pins.
  • It all started with us wanting to bring back the friendship pins we used to make growing up and we started brainstorming. Our three daughters are good friends and that is how we became friends. Their names are Hailey, Alex, and Peyton… so the HAPPINZ was quick to evolve out of them!

What inspired you to start Happinz?  What were you doing before you started it?  

  • We were all on vacation together and we just started talking about the friendship pins we used to make for our sneakers and we were like, we HAVE to bring those back! And something must’ve clicked because we really started brainstorming and coming up with ideas and that night we came up with the name, Nancy drew the logo, and the next morning, we had a call with our graphic designer and we were off!
  • Before Happinz we were all in different careers entirely. Nancy was in interior decorator. Laura worked in the fashion industry, sales are definitely her thing! And Samantha worked as a producer in digital media. The fields are so different but the combined skills totally transferred over to this business!

Has entrepreneurship been what you expected?  What do you like best about this business?

  • It really is what we expected, although I don’t think any of us expected to work as hard as we are working and to have the immediate success we’ve had!
  • There are so many amazing things, one of the best parts is that Happinz fits right into our lifestyle and the lifestyle of our kids, it’s a product that we use and love. Being passionate about work is amazing bc you actually enjoy it! But maybe the absolute best part of it all is that we have shown our kids that you can have an idea and create something and work your ass off and be successful.   They watched it all (and really helped along the way!) and saw us putting the time and the work in and now they can walk into their favorite store and see it.  It really has been such a good learning experience for all of us.

What do your daughters think about your business?  

  • They LOVE it! Like love it, all of them think it’s so cool and have so much pride and they love the product and get excited about every little thing; every new store, every new product, having their friends talk about it and especially seeing all of their friends wear it.

What’s your hottest selling item?  Can you customize for my college or my camp or my favorite word?

  •  Metallic bracelets are for sure the hottest selling item and yes!  we do custom,  We’ve done camp names, kids names, words, saying, colleges, if it’s 8 letters or under, we can do it!

For each of you: Do you have a favorite design? Do you wear Happinz every day?

  • SAM: I LOVE my black “dream” and silver “peace” bracelets I have worn them every day since we got them! I am waiting for my custom one and cant wait… I think it will replace the tattoo i’ve been almost getting for years!
  • NANCY:  I too love my metallic bracelets (I wear happy and dream) and I also rock multi color friendship pins on my sneakers! I still need to figure out what I want my personal custom bracelet to say!
  • LAURA: My favorite bracelet is the “love” which is gold with black. I love that it’s so versatile, I can wear it during the day and then dress it up at night.

What did you each study while in college? Knowing what you know now (about life and entrepreneurship), is there anything you would have done differently?

  • SAM: I was a psychology major and I wouldn’t change a thing. I say this because it’s not the subject matter that really shaped me as a career woman, but the process of being autonomous and the self discovery.  This is my third career and I think one of my biggest assets is understanding people and a lot of that foundation I got from my psychology studies.
  • NANCY:  I actually have a degree in occupational therapy and worked with very ill children for a number of years. After having my first born I moved on to my other passion of interior design. Launching this company has allowed me continue to embrace my creative/design side, so no there is nothing I would change!!
  • LAURA: I studied communications and marketing which gave me the foundation and skills to excel at a career in sales.  I wouldn’t change a thing, my passion is sales and working with people and my drive is to get the deal done! Fortunately for me, I knew what motivated me and studying communication was a great platform to build from.

Tell us about work life balance.  How do you carve out me time?  

  • I don’t think we are balanced yet! We do what we can do when the kids are at school, but once they are home we are 100% moms. But one of the best parts of this business is that our children have become an integral part of the day to day. Our kids love asking what we are doing and if they can help! We always give them something to do (even if it’s counting pins) so they can feel like a part of the team

Describe yourself in three words.  Describe each other in three words.  

  • Sam….
    • ME: Passionate, energetic, and frazzled!
    • LAURA: Hustler, loyal, funny
    • NANCY:  Creative, fun, a doer
  • Nancy…
    • SAM – organized, optimistic, calming (mostly me down when I get overwhelmed)
    • LAURA- go getter, confident, gregarious
    • ME- creative, motivated and humorous
  • Laura…
    • ME: Passionate, driven, ambitious
    • NANCY:  Funny, creative, smart
    • SAM: Organized, Creative thinker, schmoozer

What’s your message for aspiring entrepreneurs?  What do you wish you knew? 

  • Don’t be afraid of the unknown! Honestly, a lot of the not knowing and learning is a lot of the fun.   It’s been awesome to reinvent, a good reminder that there is so much out there and we need to keep evolving!

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