December 26 2015

Is Shopping Your Cardio? Five Fashion Apps To Help You Find Those Steals And Deals by Zara Puskuldjian

shopping is my cardioAre you one of those December 26th shoppers, braving the mall looking for deals?  Or, are you thinking about New Year’s and trying to figure out what to wear?  Resolving to update your style in 2016?  No matter what has you up, out and ready to shop, these five apps have got you covered with inspiration for new outfits, advice on what’s hot and what’s not, and even advice on how to talk like a true fashionista.   

1. The Hunt

thehuntThis app is great for all of us that constantly stalk fashion bloggers on Instagram and instantly fall in love with the outfits they are wearing but know we could never find those outfits ourselves. This app not only allows you to follow the latest fashion trend but also lets you “hunt” for the clothing, shoes or accessories you’ve seen on social media by posting “hunts,”  and asking other community members to help you. If someone knows where to find what you are looking for (and someone always does). they post the direct shopping link,  or they might suggest similar fashionable alternatives.

2. PS Dept.

PS_DeptIn need of your own stylist? PS Dept. gives you access to your own personal fashion consultant 24/7.  Called “the genius bar for fashion,” this free app partners up with different brands and stores such as Chloe, Net-A-Porter, Stella McCartney, Derek Lam and others to give you expert one on one advice and support to come up with an awesome look. Whether you are in search of a full outfit or just a pair of shoes, PS Dept. has an array of different ideas for you!

3. Stylect

This app helps you find the footwear you have always been dreaming of. Based on what you choose as your style, taste and price point, Stylect selects options for you from over 50,000 shoe styles ranging from Nike all the way to Christian Louboutin. Stylect allows you to filter your options by color, style and price; make a wish list or even purchase your dream shoes directly from the app!


Who doesn’t love shoes?

4. FAD- aka The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

FAD-The-Ultimate-Fashion-Dictionary-AppIf Stylect will have you walking like a fashionista, FAD will have you talking like one! Wonder where your favorite blogger comes up with sentences like, “In a season where pleats were a big story, many designers sculpted their spring silhouettes through micro pleats.” (Fashionista.com talking about Spring 2016)  FAD’s your answer!  With more than 1500 fashion terms, this app can help you with everything from defining fashion terms, looking up designer bios, and telling you everything you need to know about fabrics, sewing and the history of fashion. Knowing what you’re talking about is always in style!

5.  Mallzee

Mallzee Logo in GreenMallzee calls itself the “Tinder for Fashion.”  You guessed it!  Just swipe and purchase (or pass on the looks you don’t like).  Mallzee also shows you what is trending with fashion bloggers and can give you style advice. But not only that, Mallzee allows you to search over 40 fashions brands, put outfits into different feeds such as Night Out, Wedding Events or Work Clothing and even notify you of a mark down. If you don’t purchase your dream outfit right away, you’ll never miss a markdown.  (So if you’re already using it, be sure to check in today!!!)   With Mallzee, you don’t have to worry.  As soon that Rebecca Minkoff bag you like gets marked down you’ll be notified!

What fashion apps do you use?  Find any great bargains today?  Let us know!  And if you have your own fashion view that you want to share, contact us at write@shesfittolead.com.

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