October 27 2015

Investing In Your Mind, Body & Spirit – What Does It Really Take To Be A Fitness Professional? by Ximena Iglesias, Florida Gulf Coast University

invest in your futureRight now as a college student, I hear the phrase “investing in the future” more than I do my own name. It is true, because attending college alone is an investment for a later job. Similarly, beginning to invest in fitness can serve as experience later on. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That is why learning is also business.  But in order to invest in any sort of business one needs money. Here is an insight as what it takes to be associated with anything fitness-related:


  • money5 copyProfessional CPR/First Aid for Professional Rescuer: $110
  • Personal Training: $399-899
  • Group Fitness Instructor: $199-309
  • Yoga: *Online $491 and go to +$3,000
  • Zumba license: starting at $225-$315 and up
  • Crossfit: $1000 Level 1
  • Barre: 995-1995

Talk about an investment….
After attaining at least one or two of these licenses/certifications, places ask for experience. I was advised to substitute for instructors in order to gain that experience. It felt like literal baby steps, trial and error and took lots of confidence.    

Certainly, we have all heard the phrase “those that can’t do, teach.” Yes, it does have a negative connotation, now let me tell you why. It would be very difficult to say I could teach something I knew by muscle memory. We have all been through and done something to the point it’s almost muscle memory, for me that would be Zumba. There’s at least one or two routines I could possibly do in my sleep. But in order to teach, I needed further knowledge on how to do so.

  zumba-instructor Now don’t get me wrong, teaching a fitness class is a blast! To the instructor, teaching is also part of one’s career. Mindbodygreen states “you’re going to get the best and worst of two worlds: business and spirituality.” With that being said, gyms, studios and fitness centers oftentimes mix the business aspect with the community/family feel. Making trainers and instructors feel loved and accepted by the facility/supervisors, but also having “…the risk of being fired (mindbodygreen).” Mindbodygreen goes on to talk about how a fitness instructor actually makes money. Centers can pretty much charge how they want, depending on how experienced the instructor is. You could be paid per hour as well as a per-student-bonus.

It’s very easy to over-simplify and discredit any job that is not your own. Remember lots of things are easier said than done. Fitness instructors are often criticizedgoodthingscome as being “payed to sweat.” However, it is much more than that. Group Fitness Instructors ’s and Personal Trainers have to know how to engage with groups and individuals, know how to encourage positively as well as be aware of how to correct any movement or activity that could be harmful. Whether you know it or not, it is also their responsibility to be precautious and save a life as well. Take a moment, step back and think logically about all the time, effort and confidence it takes to stand up there and coach/teach that class you’re about to take.


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