August 29 2016

Instagram Accounts That’ll Actually Make You Feel GOOD!


Social media, as we all know, is both a blessing and a curse. The infinite connections sparked between people across oceans and countries carries with it the ability to talk, call, watch, listen and discuss issues and opinions endlessly. It allows us to express ourselves on a larger scale, a more creative platform; the chance to truly create something.

Alternatively, however, social media has the ability to manipulate truth, distort reality, and promote unrealistic expectations of all kinds of people.

One of the (current) biggest killers of self-confidence is Instagram: the picture-perfect, square-cut beauty that we scroll through moment after moment after moment. How could we not feel inferior? How could we not wonder why our Instagram isn’t as nice as hers – what does she do differently?

Essentially, all of us tend to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves — only, that’s not what it is. We compare our backstage-selves to someone else’s front and center and call it equal. It’s not.

Unfortunately, this is a problem of our generation — a by-product of the beauty created by social media — the shadow.

Thus, it is important that we take our happiness back, and control it within our own hands.

YOU choose who to follow.
YOU choose what to share.
YOU choose how you feel.

Below are a few Instagram accounts that will brighten your day. Treat yourself to feeling good!

Cute quotes, pastel colors and inspiring photos to make you realize your potential.

Trendy travel and outdoorsy shots to motivate you to explore more.

Amazing photography of places to add to your bucket list and break free from your comfort zone.

Pastel party pictures that bring out the best of colors and mood-boosting decorations.

Healthy vegetarian recipes to motivate your personal journey for nourishment.

Classy, elegant and minimalistic home design inspiration to make your space your own.

Our very own SFTL account dedicated to sharing the success stories of other women and empowering those who follow it to turn their dreams to reality, and of course, while we’re on the subject:


What’s your favorite feel-good Instagram? Share it with us below!

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