August 12 2015

Inspiralizing Confidence, Ali Maffucci, Welcome To The Fit List

alimaffucciAli Maffucci, NY Times Best Selling Cookbook Author, Blogger and Culinary Entrepreneur, is an inspiration to us. Networking confidence everyday, Ali Maffucci created an inspiralizing community that was never before. We love that she had the confidence to follow her passion and her wit and candor make her fun to follow.  What could be keeping it real more than “exercising so that I can eat chocolate later”?  Through her creative, innovative recipes and honest story about her journey to healthy eating, Ali is truly living the SHE’S FIT TO LEAD life, networking confidence and choosing to shine!  Welcome to the Fit List, Ali:

1. What inspires you?

The stories of other entrepreneurs who are also trying to make the world a better, happier and healthier place.

2. How do you maintain a work life balance?

I work hard during the day so that I don’t feel guilty about “signing off” after work hours (when my husband gets home.) I think it’s easy to get distracted during the day and “waste” precious workable hours, so I am diligent about managing my time well and prioritizing. However, I love what I do, so it’s hard to maintain that work-life balance – engaging with my readers and followers is fun and that gives me happiness, so as long as it’s not interfering with my friendships and relationships, I continue. I also have a “weekends are for decompressing” kind of mentality and almost completely sign off on the weekends.

3. What motivates you after a particular tough day?

Exercise! There’s nothing better than a rush of endorphins to lighten your mood and refocus you.

4. Did you have another career prior to the one you have now? If so what was it?

Yes, I worked at one of Donald Trump’s golf courses in NJ – I did event and hotel management for him. After that, I worked in business development in the airline industry (a random job I got connected to through the Trump job.)

5. If you did have another career, when did you decide to make a change and why?

Two months after I first discovered the spiralizer, I walked into my boss’s office and quit. The next day, I went to a coffee shop and started Inspiralized. I was finding myself bored and unstimulated at work during the day, dreaming of being in the kitchen. I would write recipes in my downtown at work and count down the minutes until I could get home and make them. After speaking with some other entrepreneurs, I built up the courage to take the plunge.

6. Were you scared and if so why?

No, I had such a strong feeling in my heart that this would work out. I was excited, if anything!

7. What advice would you give to a new graduate who is seeking a career?

Sometimes, it’s okay to take a job that isn’t a “dream job.” That job doesn’t have to last forever – and you will grow and learn from it. My first two jobs gave me such great experience that I brought to what I do today with Inspiralized.

8. What is your current routine in your day?

Every day is different, depending on what I have. Some days, I cook a lot for the blog. Some days, I do more of brand outreach and client work. Some days, I work on cookbook #2. Some days, I just sit for hours and strategize on how to grow Inspiralized. What’s consistent throughout those days is my social media – I’m always engaging with my followers/readers and reading through their comments and commenting.

9. What is your favorite part about what you do?

Meeting or receiving an e-mail from someone whose life has been changed because of Inspiralized. I’ve had men and women with weight issues and auto-immune diseases that have now changed the way they live by spiralizing and using my recipes. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re making a change in people’s lives – for the better.

10.  How do you inspire others to keep them positive?

I love posting quotes on Instagram that inspire me. Every day in my new posts, I try to write positive, uplifting things. I’m open, honest and very transparent, which I think inspires people!

11. Do you have a favorite power meal before a long day of work?

You can’t go wrong with some spiralized potato noodles, bacon, eggs and avocado! When I’m in a rush, it’s avocado toast with sriracha.

12. How would you describe yourself?

I’m just another person in this world trying to make a difference in the world, be a good person for my family and friends and work towards living the American dream. I don’t think anything’s impossible. Well, maybe being President (I hear that’s pretty tough to do.)

13. What makes you fit to lead, and what does it mean to you?

I’m fit to lead because I believe in others. I believe that everyone has the power to be the best versions of themselves. I’m always striving to be my best, and I like to take people along in the journey. If you’re “fit to lead” you’re a positive person that sees the best in everyone and everything and can encourage others to see the same way.


Thanks Ali.  To get Ali’s yummy recipe for Curried Potato Noodles With Kale, click the picture above.  To learn more about Ali, her recipes and her blog, check out www.inspiralized.com

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