December 14 2015

In The Library? Not Leaving? Starving? We’ve Got Silent Snacking by Hillary Macias

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shutupgifWith finals season in full swing, I know I’m not the only one that likes to look forward to a good snack amidst all the studying and lectures that go along with this time of the school year. Fortunately, there are plenty of snacks you can pack and take with you to class and the library that won’t cause the person next to you to hate you (everyone knows it’s not fun sitting next to the girl with the bag of crunchy chips while you’re trying to concentrate..) The same goes for the workplace – co workers tend to get a little annoyed when you’re munching loudly in the cubicle next to them while they are trying to get things done.  But fear not! I’ve put together a list to keep you satiated and focused throughout the day, and all are things you can pack ahead which is key for those of us with busy daily schedules.

  1. Dried fruit with string cheese – this one is great because you’re getting in some protein with the cheese and carbohydrates + a serving of fruit with the dried fruit your choice! #brainfuelstring cheese giphy
  2. Soft Sandwiches – I am a huge sandwich person, and it’s easy to pack ahead too! Classic peanut butter and jelly (I also love strawberry jelly with vanilla almond butter) for something sweet and salty. Or try a turkey, cheese, spinach and hummus (Sabra has the best flavors!) if you need more of a meal option.sandwichgiphy
  3. Smoothies – These probably win for the quietest snack ever – and they are great for packing in a bunch of nutrients! While it is always my preference to make my own – my favorite pre-made smoothies you can buy are: Evolution Juices green devotion (these are at Starbucks!), Naked brand Green Machine, and Odwalla Super Protein!juicegiphy
  4. Whole Wheat Toast or Bagel with peanut butter, sliced banana and cinnamon this one is my favorite for early mornings in class or at the office! Very easy to eat, great serving of protein, carbohydrate and fruit & oh so tasty!bagel2giphy
  5. Energy Bars – these are great because they will not spoil and are easy to keep in your purse/backpack! I usually try to pick ones that are lower in sugar and high in protein to keep me feeling full until my next meal. My favorites include: Quest bars, ChiaSeed Energy Bars, Larabars, and VegaOne snack bars!stop-being-so-dramatic

If you’re able to make your own – here is one of my favorite recipes below:


I have personally tried out all of these options, and I can honestly say I have never gotten the death glare from the person sitting next to me in class, the library, or in the office. All of these options will provide you with excellent fuel to keep your brain working throughout the day. I know I feel my most confident when I am properly nourished and getting daily tasks accomplished, and I’m sure y’all feel the same! For more healthy snack options feel free to email me at hmacias08@gmail.com!   

Happy studying and healthy snacking!

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