May 7 2016

500 Word Rant: Why I Won’t #BoycottTarget


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The ongoing debate about whether it’s OK for Target to allow people to use restrooms and fitting rooms depending on their respective gender identities has gone too far. While it is inevitable that people will have differing opinions about LGBT+ rights, placing such high emphasis on this matter in the media is proof that many people don’t know enough about the LGBT+ community to form informed opinions.

The truth is, those who identify as a gender other than the one on their birth certificates have been using the facilities they identify with for years. It is impossible to say how many females who were born males and males who were born females use the restrooms in which they feel more comfortable. So, honestly, boycotting Target because they understand this and respect people based on their individual preference is pointless, as “Mrs. Sally BoycottTarget” has probably used the store’s restroom with another woman, who was born a male, numerous times.

While Mrs. Sally BoycottTarget is convinced that Target’s new rule will allow men to use the women’s restroom to harass and assault women whenever they want, they seem to forget that there is such a thing as common sense. Is it possible that a man posing as a woman will go into the restroom? Yes, of course, but that has always been a risk. If you see someone who is lurking in the restroom, don’t stay in there. Report it. It is a pretty obvious situation when someone is in the restroom because they actually need to use it and when they are in there with nefarious intentions.

Many people also bring up the point that they don’t want their children being alone in the restrooms with men whose only intentions are to harass them. I’m sorry, but if you have a child, especially one who is not even a teenager yet, he or she should not be permitted to go into the restroom in a big box store alone anyways. Even if you are a teenager or adult and are concerned about being harassed or assaulted in a public restroom, then the simple solution is to take a friend in there with you. If you happen to be alone, then check your surroundings and be observant — which is something that should be done anyways.

The #BoycottTarget movement is one of the most ridiculous boycotts. It is OK to have a differing opinion about the LGBT+ community — that is a different conversation for another time — but forming an opinion based off of ignorance rather than fact is a problem. At the end of the day, people who have nefarious intentions and who want to harass or assault other people are going to do so regardless of whether a restroom is gender-identity friendly or not.

Laws don’t make criminals, personality traits and social development makes criminals. Using Target’s latest decision to demean those who live a lifestyle you don’t agree with is the ultimate form of ignorance, and ignorance is not always bliss.

One thought on “500 Word Rant: Why I Won’t #BoycottTarget

  1. So everyone is clear…the issue never had to do with safety…it has to do with proliferation of hate.

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