December 27 2015

I Resolve Not To Resolve – The SFTL Guide To Resolutions- Live It, Don’t Diet, by Kerry Silverman and Sydney Lieberman

New Year’s is coming.  Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  How do you know if your resolutions are even good for you?  Today, we kick off the SFTL Guide to Resolutions.  We’ll go across our 5 Fundamentals and give you our advice about great resolutions to make and those you should avoid.  We’re starting with everyone’s favorite topic…Diets.  

If you’re resolving to “Eat Better” or to Lose Weight:

Switch up your menu.  Try new things!

menu gif
Listen to your hunger cues.  Starving yourself isn’t the answer. If your body is trying to tell you something, respond to it.
Try growing your own produce.  You save money, and it’s great for you.

Cook! Going out is great and a fun treat but try seeing what you can whip up in your own kitchen!

beyonce cooking
Be realistic about your food goals! Cutting out snacks or meals is not the answer!


Look to modify your old eating habits.  Introduce those new habits, but don’t plan on eliminating your previous favorites  all together.

Have confidence in yourself! With the right amount of motivation and a little spark you can achieve anything!
Don’t eliminate breakfast.  It’s how your body starts up, and it gets your system moving properly.

Don’t cut out food groups. Everything in moderation is the key to a healthy and strong body.

Don’t step on the scale every night.  It’s not healthy, and it leads to disappointment and potentially to a binge.

Don’t think of it as a diet.   Think of it as attaining a healthier you.
healthy2giphyDon’t always look for the healthy option.  It’s okay to splurge every once in awhile.
pizzagiphyDon’t rush the process.  You won’t see results in a day.

patiencegiphyDon’t skip meals, you will end up overeating at night!

bingegiphyAnd our most important piece of advice?

Don’t Make Yourself Miserable!  That isn’t what this should be about.  

sadaboutfoodgiphyBe realistic about your resolutions.  Set attainable goals.  Don’t burden yourself with food rules that put huge pressure on you and that you know you cannot keep.   They aren’t healthy anyway, and will just lead to disappointment.   Resolutions should never be about making you feel miserable.  Celebrate yourself, and be happy with who you are!



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