August 24 2016

How to Relax When Your Schedule is Packed

Life is stressful. Between work, school, social obligations, and adult responsibilities, it never seems as if there are enough hours in the day. And as time passes and schedules become denser, life gets extremely overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed is not pleasant, and when that happens, there is only one thing to do — R-E-L-A-X. It probably isn’t easy to find time to do this, but relaxation is a top priority when organizing the weekly schedule.

When it seems too hectic to consider even setting aside five minutes to relax, remember that there are multiple ways to find some “me” time.

Take a bath
Bathing is essential. No matter how busy life gets, hygiene is something that is not compromised every day. The next night it’s time to get ready for bed, fill the tub with some hot water, drop in a bath bomb, turn on some relaxing music, and soak up the relaxation. Taking a little extra time to soak up the warm water and bubbles is essential for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Young women in bridge position at yoga class. Group of young women doing Chakrasana, wheel pose yoga.

When stress is at its max, the best way to combat it is to exercise. Sitting in class and at that desk job all day takes a large toll on the body, so make sure to spend some time stretching and exercising to combat all the stress. Take a yoga class, go for a run, lift some weights, or take part in any combination of the three. 30 minutes a day is all it takes to ensure the best health, so take some time out of your lunch break, wake up a little earlier, or stay up a little later to stay in shape.

Read a book
Over time, it’s difficult to find time to read, but this is one activity that is extremely beneficial to your mental health. Not only is a great getaway from all the stresses in life, but reading is a fantastic way to keep your creativity sharp and improve your mental clarity. Just 15-30 minutes a day is the mental vacation needed to wake up the next day refreshed and ready to #ConnectToConfidence.

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walk on the road

Take a walk
Sometimes you just need a few minutes to get your thoughts together. Between being inside the classroom and office all day, it’s easy to forget how wonderful life is. Taking a walk, even if it’s just for 5 minutes during lunch, is a great way to look around and remember all you’re thankful for. Keeping life in perspective is crucial to success, especially when it seems as though your schedule is increasingly difficult to maintain.

Treat Yourself
Pick a day where you can afford to skip work and other obligations and treat yourself. Whether it’s a hike at your favorite park, a day shopping with friends, or even just dinner by yourself or with family, setting aside a specific day to do what you want to do, rather than what you have to do, is the best way to stay balanced and maintain sanity.

No matter how crazy your schedule can be, balance is crucial to keeping life in-check. It’s easy to spend the majority of the time helping others or committing to various activities, but without setting aside time each week to take care of yourself, your body will burn out quickly — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As the semester begins, schedule your “me” time every week and don’t forget to sit back and relax once in a while.


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