January 23 2016

How to Get Over a Bad Breakup By Kelly Sodano

Throughout college, there is a longing for a relationship, a significant other that you can spend all of your time with. You may meet many people throughout your teens and twenties that you believe you are in love with, only to then get your heart broken. I would like to share some advice that I have been given on how to get through these bad breakups.


giphyIt’s okay to cry! It is a big part of the healing process, and it will actually make you feel a lot better. It may take days, or weeks even, to get all those tears out. You may cry every time something reminds you of him, but that does not mean you are weak! This person may have held a special place in your heart, and shared a lot of your life with you. It is totally normal to be sad! In fact, after you begin to feel better and stop crying, he will be the one who’s crying!

giphyGoing to the gym is probably one of the best things to do after a bad break up. Instead of sitting in your house, eating ice cream on the couch thinking about what could’ve been, take a trip to the gym. Once you’ve gotten past the crying uncontrollably phase, the gym is the perfect way to let out all of your anger and hurt. It will make you feel great that you are doing something to better yourself, while also letting all of your emotions go. Just pretend his face is on that punching bag.
Keep Your Distance

giphyMake sure you keep your distance from this person, and people he surrounds himself with. Delete him off of snapchat, Facebook, etc.; you don’t want to be seeing him without you. It will not only make you feel better, but maybe it will make him miss you more than he would have if he had the ability to check on you all the time. Yes, you will still think about that person, which is completely normal. But it will help if he isn’t shoved in your face every time you open your phone.

Talk to Someone
take-me-so-long-amy-poehlerTalking to someone is the best way to let out your feelings. It is a way to talk about why you’re hurt, and the things that you are crying over. Your mom is the best person to go to, because she knows you more than anyone ever will. Your besties are also a good option, because they will help bring you up, and tell you that you’re better than that anyway. Although it may not be something you want to talk about all the time, it will definitely help to let it out.

Overall, breakups are extremely rough, but just a part of life. You will get through it, and it will get better. Things happen for a reason, and whether that person was meant for you or not, if it’s supposed to happen it will. Just remember not to let them get away with hurting you so easily.  Make them fight for you. Don’t let a guy get the best of you. It may hurt you now, but it will hurt them more later once they realize all that they lost!


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