January 26 2016

How To Diet Without Dieting by Kelly Sodano

cookiesgifIt’s January of the New Year, which means it’s also time to stop stuffing your faces with holiday cookies and chocolates! But as we all know, diets can be SO ANNOYING! They usually last only a few days, until you are faced with lack of cooking time and an assortment of doughnuts on the counter. Here are a few tips that will help you eat healthier and feel better without actually dieting!

Precook Your Meals!

donaldcookinggiphyThis is so important! The worst case of binge eating is when you lack the time and energy to cook meals. Why spend 15 minutes waiting when a bag of chips is available in an instant? Buy a pack of chicken, cook all of it at once, and stick the rest in the fridge for later. You’ll have instant meals for the rest of your week that are actually good for you. Make sure you have an array of food prepared such as salads, chicken, and an occasional pasta, so you aren’t forced to eat chicken for lunch every day. Prepare meals on Sunday for the week so you don’t feel as pressured to eat processed, fatty foods. You will feel better about yourself and will feel full for a longer time than if you ate those chips!

Junk Food- Just Don’t Buy It!

gty_grocery_store_tk_130506_wmainInstead of buying junk food and crying over the fact that you shouldn’t eat it, just don’t buy it! Not buying junk food will limit your late night snacking and will force you to eat better things. Instead of buying snacks like chips and cookies, stock up on some snackable fruits and veggies. Having a craving? Buy individually wrapped chocolates like Hershey kisses and limit yourself to one a day. Or, buy healthy granola bars that contain something sweet- like chocolate- to help with your cravings. The less you eat it, the less you will crave it!

Shopping List

listgiphyIt is crucial to make a shopping list before you go to buy your food, and to stick to only what you have written on your list and nothing else. That way, you won’t be pulling random junk that you think looks good, causing your healthy eating to go down the drain. Check your weekly coupons and your store’s sales for the week. Make a list of all the healthy food that is on sale and what you plan to prepare for the week for your meals. When you go food shopping, this will make your trip a little less tempting and will also help you save money!

Eat In Proportions!

serving-size-4Let’s face it: no one actually eats the proportions sizes that are given to us on the box. But you should! Keep that in mind before you eat. Be sure to check how much you should actually be eating and what amount of food the nutrition facts are referring too. You may see that the nutrition facts are not too bad, but if you are not taking into consideration how much you are eating of a certain food, the nutrition facts may be false.

Try New Food

trynewfoodgifYou are likely to get stuck in a rut of eating the same old junk every week since it can be scary to try new things. Don’t be afraid- you never know what you might end up liking! Research some healthy recipes that may be out of your comfort zone and try them out!

I hope this helps you get healthier for the New Year! Remember, everything is okay in proportion. You don’t have to cut out your favorite ice cream forever, simply have it once a week instead of every night! Don’t forget to exercise, and to make yourself a happier, healthier you for 2016!

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