October 22 2015

How To Be A Gladiator by Mikayla Toonen, SFTL Contributing Writer

If you aren’t already a fan of Scandal (another one of Shonda Rhimes’s addicting shows), catch it on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC. One episode and you will want to be one of the Associates at Pope & Associates.  Olivia Pope is Fit to Lead as a confident, business savvy political “fixer”. She is a powerful crisis communicator with excellent work style. Pope refers to her associates at the firm as gladiators and that they are. Solving the problems of the White House and the various other big political players is their game and they win every time. So now that you want to work at Pope and Associates, what do you have to do to be a Gladiator?  Here’s a few tips to shine in eyes of the powerful Olivia Pope.

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1.Confidence is Key

If there is one word to describe Olivia Pope, it is confident, even when she isn’t sure how to fix a situation she radiates with confidence. Her gladiators are expected to be the same way. They attack each crisis knowing they are going to fix the situation. So even when you’re not sure, make sure you seem like you are. Confidence goes a long way in the real world. People are more likely to follow your lead and believe in you. So start with believing in yourself and choose to shine.  


  1. Work that Work Style

Olivia Pope has business professional down to a science. To impress Pope you must have confidence to work winter whites and a killer handbag. She is never anything but styling, whether she is working in the White House or dancing around her apartment with a glass of red. So go hit up your local Banana Republic, grab a cape, some long gloves and rock that business professional with a smile.


  1. Let your Voice Be Heard

Olivia always makes sure that her point is heard. With all of the egos of the D.C. political scene, she definitely has to be clear and concise but loud. She knows to get what she wants done, she needs to communicate. No one can read minds, so if you want something you are going to need to ask for it. Speak up today, be a gladiator.


  1. Never Give Up

This is the motto Olivia follows with every one of her clients. She knows there’s always something that can be done to fix the situation. Even in the most difficult of cases, Pope gives it her all until the problem is settled. If you have a problem on your hands don’t just give up on the situation and think their is nothing else you can do. Always go in with a positive mindset and don’t give up until you get the intended result.   


  1. Be One of the Good Guys

This is something Olivia regularly reminds her Gladiators. In the scandal filled community they work in, it’s easy to get wrapped up in sticky situations. Everyone gets faced by situations that they have to pick right from wrong and make the good decision. Follow the words of Olivia Pope and be one of the good guys because it will pay off in the end.  


Go stand in the sun, catch up on Scandal and let your inner Gladiator out!

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Mikayla Toonen is a student at UW-Madison.  

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