November 11 2017

How Coffee Improves Your Productivity and Efficiency by Sarah Jones, Guest Blogger

Trying to accomplish all we need to in a day can be exhausting. Many of us may experience burnout from trying to cram work, school, exercise, and hobbies into our short time frame. Coffee is, for many of us, our go-to drink.

That caffeine boost we get from our morning or afternoon cups gives us the energy to push through the day.  Coffee has many excellent benefits, and studies have shown that it increases our cognitive abilities so we can be more productive as well.

Wake Up Wake Up!

Coffee and the caffeine in it stimulates our central nervous system.  It accomplishes this by blocking certain receptors that let our brain slow down. Instead, it boosts our levels of energy, making us feel motivated and productive.

A couple of cups in the morning can reap additional health benefits as well. It has been known to potentially decrease the risk of certain diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.  It is recommended that you drink four cups or less. Otherwise, your body can’t handle the high doses of caffeine and can upset your stomach, give you the shakes, or make you feel anxious.

Healthy Frame of Mind

A few cups of coffee per day can get us going. When our energy levels are up, we get more accomplished.  Efficiency is increased by the caffeine in our coffee. Espresso or regular coffee can be used for the best results, just be cautious when adding sugar or other artificial sweeteners as this devalues the health benefits of your cup. The caffeine helps improve our attention span and decreases the symptoms of depression.  In short, it makes you feel happier and more motivated, which definitely can help you be efficient at work or school.

Everything in Moderation

It is important that you don’t overdo your volume of coffee. Exceeding the maximum of four cups can actually hurt your health, rather than contribute to it. Enjoying a few cups can increase your memory and improve your mental capabilities. In combination with drinking the suggested amounts, other ways to maintain energy and a positive lifestyle are to get enough sleep, hit the gym, or try yoga for further mental benefits. Balance is key to maintaining your health and productivity throughout the day.

Timing is Crucial

 While the caffeine in your coffee can ultimately improve your cognitive performance, the timing of consumption can play a factor in it. Caffeine can stay in your body for hours after consuming it.  If you enjoy your coffee too late in the day, it can affect your sleep. Sleep is important because it is the time for our bodies to recover both mentally and physically. Try enjoying your coffee earlier in the day, or right after lunch, otherwise, it can lead to insomnia and an interruption in your sleep pattern.

Now that you know coffee has many health benefits, both physical and mental, it is best to take it moderately and see how it affects your productivity and efficiency. Apart from that, watch how it affects you physically so you’ll know how much to take and where you can focus the added energy. We suggest a laser-like focus at a current project at work.


Bio: Sarah always loved coffee, but she never knew that it could offer much more than a robust flavor and taste. She discusses the many benefits and advantages of coffee on her blog We Dream of Coffee.

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