December 21 2018

Holiday Gift Guide

It is that time of year. …Madness at the mall and absurdity on Amazon, everyone is trying to get in their last minute Holiday Gift Lists completed. Whether you are shopping for a Secret Santa or something more personalized, this list below will sure spark some creativity of that list (and won’t break the bank):


1. Amazon Echo 3rd Generation









2. Blanket









3. Robe









4. Phone Charging Stand










5. Puzzle








6. Random Acts of Kindness Kit









7. Spa Kit









8. Gin & Tonic Set









9. Classic T-Shirt









10. Chocolates

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I’m Meredith! I’m from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan. I am a psychology and communications major. You can catch me eating any kind of tart Froyo, spicy tuna sushi, or anything that has avocado in it. I live and breathe fashion. I Keep Up with The Kardashians hardcore and a Scandal addict. Travelling and Working out are my favorite hobbies. Don’t lose sight of the important things in life.

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