June 4 2015



So you got fired?  Here are some tips to get you through:

1. Don’t Let This Be A Confidence Killer – At SFTL, we are all about learning to be strong and confident in all situations.  You are still the same fabulous person that you were before you got fired!

2. Stay Calm – Easier said than done, but you need to be able to focus.

3. Ask Questions – Now is not the time to be shy.  Ask and if you aren’t clear, ask again!  Some questions:  When is my last day?  Am I getting severance?  Can I look for another job in the company?

4. Share – Yes it’s embarrassing, but don’t keep it to yourself.  You need the support of friends and family, and you never know who knows about a job opportunity.

5.  Figure Out Your Finances – How long can you keep going without finding work?  What do you need to give up (Gym membership?  Manicures?)  Prioritize the things that you have to pay like student loans, rent and utilities.

6.  GET OUT OF BED – Suddenly, you have nowhere to be in the morning.  Lying in bed watching Netflix is not going to help you find your next job!  Get up!  Get out!  Network (with anyone and everyone).  Look for opportunities to freelance or temp.

7.  Reflect – Dissecting every moment at your prior job and wondering what you could have done differenlty is not productive.  That said, before you put it behind you, think about whether there is anything you can learn from your experience.  Were there signs that you missed?  Is there something you wish you had done differently?

Your outlook is everything.  Projecting a positive atittude is going to be key to moving forward.  Now is the time to dig deep and “#ConnectToConfidence”.  Remember, “Hired” is just a letter away!


About Randi Salko

Hi, I’m Randi Salko, and I’m the CEO for She’s Fit to Lead. Throughout my career as a lawyer and a financial services executive, my passion has always been creating an empowering environment for the women around me. And now, with She’s Fit to Lead, I am living my dream of helping young women to #ConnectToConfidence. I’ve learned a lot on my journey, and I love having the opportunity to share it, and to learn from our contributors and followers who inspire me every day. I also love hot yoga and ice cream (what a combo, right?). I’d love to hear from you at randi@shesfittolead.com.

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