August 2 2016

Healthy Eating on a College Budget IS Possible!


For most of us college students, the Freshman Fifteen is a thing of the past – and by that I mean, we are no longer freshmen. Ideally, I think it’s fair to say then that many of us are trying to shake those beginner bruises and begin our life-long journey of trying to eat healthy! Yay!

However, healthy food costs money – more money than bad food, generally – and us college students for the most part don’t have a whole lot of bills lying around (well, at least not ones set aside for grocery shops…).


Introducing to you: Thrive Market.

Thrive Market is a website where you can purchase healthy or organic foods, ingredients, cosmetics and toiletries online and discounted! Virtually everything sold on this platform 20-50% cheaper than your typical retail price, so over an entire semester or school year, your savings seriously add up!

To make things even better, Thrive will actually deliver your products to your door, so that you don’t have to find time between classes (i.e. parties and naps) to go out and Uber yourself around L.A. in search of food.

Yep, it’s too good to be true… only, it exists.

CLICK HERE to start your free thirty-day trial with Thrive, save money, and eat delicious, healthy, GMO-free food affordably, and check Thrive out on Instagram!

Happy savings, happy cravings.

About Annie Hickey

Hello! My name is Annie, and I’m a Sophomore at USC in Los Angeles! I’m actually Australian, from Sydney, but my family live in Manhattan, New York, so I spend most of my time jumping from coast to coast over here in America! I’m a Creative Writing major at the moment, & I LOVE sports, travel, blogging and health – particularly running & clean, vegan food! (If you know any quirky vegan cafes in LA or NYC, let me know!!!). I love getting in touch with people, so feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments or anything at all! x

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