July 30 2016

Grocery Shopping List For Your College Mini Fridge

College means unlimited meal plans and constant dorm room deliveries. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? While it’s super exciting to have a full buffet for every meal or delivery right to your dorm room, sometimes, you will get sick of eating the same food over and over again. Having a mini fridge is definitely a plus when you fill it with healthy and quick foods.

Fruits and veggies are the best things you can have for on-the-go breakfasts or just quick afternoon snacks. If your fridge comes with a freezer, I recommend freezing some of these so they last longer, but if you can’t, don’t worry about it.

My favorite produce items are:

Image sourced via http://blogs.extension.iastate.edu/

Image sourced via http://blogs.extension.iastate.edu/

Cherry tomatoes

Protein is extremely important for us.  Keep protein-packed snacks in your mini fridge if you are studying, and you need a quick and easy way to get some protein.

Image sourced via http://now-here-this.timeout.com

Image sourced via http://now-here-this.timeout.com

My favorite picks for protein:

String cheese
Greek yogurt
Lunch meat, such as turkey (but watch the salt content, and try to find selections that are fresh, not processed)
Peanut butter

Keep these items in your fridge, and you can have them plain or add them to some crackers or bread.

Hydration is always important.  Of course, you’ll always have water, but there are other drinks that you can store in your fridge that are nice and refreshing.

Image source via buzzfeed

Image source via buzzfeed

My favorite drink items:

Juice (I prefer Simply Orange)

Milk (dairy, almond or coconut)

Coconut water

Keeping these items in that little fridge of yours will be to your advantage, particularly with finals coming and when you are hungry and want a snack. These items are perfect for your dorm mini fridge and will save you from a late night junk food binge.

P.S. You can often take fruits from the dining hall on your way out, and, if you have a blender handy, and somewhere to wash it out after using it, you can change it up and make yourself some delicious smoothies to get you through your day.  By the way, check out this blend-and-go smoothie–it’s the blender and your drink cup all in one!

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