February 6 2016

Six Things You Should Thank Your Grandparents for By Kelly Sodano

As we are all getting older, we stop going to grandma’s house every weekend, and we begin to see our grandparents less and less. Here are some things that you should never forget to thank them for, because your childhood would not have been the same without them.

giphy1. Keeping Candy and Junk Food in the House at ALL times

There was never a time that I went to my grandparents that there wasn’t a box of cookies or a giant Hershey bar on the counter. Visiting your grandparents was the perfect time to go against your parent’s requests for no sugar, and to go nuts!

2.giphy Taking you Shopping

There was nothing like going shopping with your grandparents. “Browsing” would turn into buying, because you couldn’t say you liked anything without them buying it for you. Grandparents are notorious for spoiling their grandchildren, and never fail to putting a smile on their faces. Don’t forget to thank them for all they had given you

giphy3. Making you Laugh 

No one makes me laugh the way my grandparents do. Whether its intentional or not, they have the ability to make you fall on the floor in tears, without even trying. Make sure you thank them for always being able to cheer you up with a good laugh.

4. Letting you have sleepovers at their house

giphyThe best part of my childhood by far was sleepovers at grandma and grandpa’s house. You got to pick dinner, the movie, and even the dessert. For me, sleepovers were a great way to get away from my sisters! No matter what, I knew their house was always open, and I always looked forward to spending time alone with them.

5. Being a shoulder to lean on

Sometimes, talking to your mom or dad wasn’t the best option. Who else to go to? Your grandparents, of course! Grandparents have the ability to make you feel like the best, most important person in the world. Don’t ever forget to thank them for making you feel better after a fight with mom, or for picking you up when you fall. They are people in your life that were always there for you.

giphy6. Loving you Unconditionally 

Thank your grandparents for the fact that they will never stop loving you. The love that I feel from my grandparents is something that is absolutely irreplaceable. I will never forget everything they had done for me throughout my life, and will never forget all of the memories we shared. They are your best friends for life, and don’t ever forget that!

Overall, grandparents rock. They are there for you day and night, and will continue to for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget to stop your busy life every once in a while to give them a call or a visit, and to thank them for everything they do for you.

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