May 4 2015

Got Style?

Welcome to spring!  One day it’s boiling, and the next it’s freezing.  What to wear to work?
Here is our advice:
1.  Check the weather forecast the night before, and preplan your outfit.
2.  Always make simple choices (easy to wear).  Comfort should be number 1!
3.  You can repeat a piece, or buy 2 of the same item in different colors.
4.  A dress is a must.  Simple to wear – no thought required.
5.  If you are not sure?  Layer and remove in or out of the office.
6.  Accesorize always.  Not too overbearing.   Keep it important.  Choose a “statement piece.”
7.  Hair and makeup are the final touch.  Keep it fresh and clean no matter if its rain or shine!

About Randi Salko

Hi, I’m Randi Salko, and I’m the CEO for She’s Fit to Lead. Throughout my career as a lawyer and a financial services executive, my passion has always been creating an empowering environment for the women around me. And now, with She’s Fit to Lead, I am living my dream of helping young women to #ConnectToConfidence. I’ve learned a lot on my journey, and I love having the opportunity to share it, and to learn from our contributors and followers who inspire me every day. I also love hot yoga and ice cream (what a combo, right?). I’d love to hear from you at randi@shesfittolead.com.

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