May 15 2015

Got Millennials? We do!

Girl Friends Shopping and Drinking Coffee In City

unhappyworkerWhen your rising star millennial woman comes in and quits, what do you think? Often employers will assume that she wants more family time, better “work life balance.”  That’s   almost never the case.  Like men, these young women are leaving for better pay or expanded opportunity. Clearly, you want them to stay.  Why lose your investment in recruiting, onboarding and training?

happyworkerAt She’s Fit To Lead, we believe it’s all about the environment you create. Women need to feel confident enough to let you know what’s important to them. For example, maybe you’re rewarding someone with a round of golf, when what she would really love is a gift certificate for hot yoga! From our hundreds of conversations with millennial women, we’ve learned that they want you to get to know what they are all about – what they value, what their passion is. And in that environment, you will see them rise to the challenge. Millennial women love new experiences to learn and grow. Provide them multiple and creative paths do show you what they’ve got. millennialstamp_269147111

How to get it right? Provide a dynamic, engaging community where these young women can express themselves, and learn from mentors and role models. Have a women’s network? You may want to consider starting one, or better yet, asking some of them to do it for you! Millennial women are fast becoming a major power in the work force, and as consumers as well. How to capitalize? Support their confidence and allow them to take their power to meet the needs of these future leaders. Want to learn more? info@shesfittolead.com

About She's Fit to Lead

She's Fit To Lead is a community for the next leaders of our generation. We believe the simple act of connecting with one another is a critical step in building confidence and a successful future. Our community connects young women at college campuses and starting careers across the country, challenging and empowering them to unlock their true potential. ABOUT SFTL

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