November 18 2015

“Go Make It Happen!” Welcome To The Fit List, Megan Grassell, founder of Yellowberry

megangrasselWhen Megan Grassell took her little sister shopping for her first bra, she was horrified at the lack of options.  Not one to simply sit back and complain, Megan took matters into her own hands, and started Yellowberry.  The company has grown, and now offers a range of products including the new Scout Bra for all ages, made with SeaCell fabric using a sustainable production method with seaweed fibers enriched with Vitamin E.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Megan recently, and we can’t say enough good about her.  She is humble, passionate and wise.  In 2014, Megan was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens and included on Huffington Post’s list of 14 Most Fearless Teens. In 2015, Megan was named one of the 24 Millennials to Watch by Yahoo. She has been featured in countless media outlets including The TODAY Show, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Seventeen and Teen Vogue among others. In addition to serving as an active company founder, Megan serves as a member of the first-ever Barbie Global Advisory Board and has deferred her freshman year at Middlebury College to continue as CEO of Yellowberry.

We love Megan’s spirit, and we love her mission.  We’re so impressed by her desire to encourage young girls to feel confident and believe that they can do anything they set their minds to.  Summing up the true essence of Megan and Yellowberry, Yellowberry always photographs our products on model from behind because we stand with our community of girls to support them – both literally and figuratively – as they go out to take on the world. In their Yellowberries, we know they can.”  

With you behind them, Megan,  we know they can to0.  Welcome to The Fit List, Megan Grassell.  

Read our inspiring interview with Megan, leave a comment or email us at info@shesfittolead.com, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a Scout bra courtesy of Yellowberry.  

1. Tell us about your inspiration for starting Yellowberry. What’s on the horizon for the Company?  Yellowberry started when I took my little sister shopping for her first bra.  We went all over the mall and everything had padding and push ups.  Girls her age needed another option. Yellowberry has added underwear,  athletic apparel, and loungewear, and bras for all ages like the Scout.

2. What gave you the confidence to press forward and build Yellowberry?    In my small high school, I was not super social, and I did not have a lot of confidence growing up.  As Yellowberry started to grow, I knew I had hit upon something, and my passion just grew and grew, and my confidence grew along with it.  Confidence comes from belief and passion.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 13.55.473. You’re a young CEO. What are your tips for other young entrepreneurs for being taken seriously?  It’s really hard to be taken seriously.  For example, the first time that I had to pitch with very serious, seasoned investors in the room was really hard.  You just have to do it, and each time you do it, it gets easier.  It’s a constant battle to keep delivering product, keep speaking about Yellowberry, being the face of the product and showing that I may be young, but I’m for real.  I may be the youngest on the team, but the vision is mine, and we all work collaboratively to make it happen.

4. We’re guessing you’re on a totally different path than most of your friends. Does that ever feel weird? What do you do to stay connected?  I was in a tiny school system, and my friends have been my friends forever, but yes it is hard.  I am living by myself, speaking a totally new language of P&L and Balance Sheets!  Yellowberry is obviously a huge part of my life, and sometimes it is hard for me to relate, because I am on such a different path.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 13.55.195. Tell us about your philosophy and your “Berry Strong Values.”  Our values, which are even reflected on our tags, are the essence of the brand. I didn’t just want to create a bra.  I wanted to write something that had meaning.  I included six sayings that had special meaning to me in the copy for our first website, and we use them now as our tags – they are woven into the product!  My favorite is, “Watch Quietly and Observe.”

6. What are the messages that you hope your peers are sharing with their little sisters and other young girls who look to them as role models?  I hope that my generation talks to young girls about celebrating youth.  Don’t rush those milestones!  There’s plenty of time to be an adult, and you can never go back.  Enjoy being 11, 12 and 13.

7, When you have an off day or a tough day, what do you do to keep your game face on? What do you do to regroup and get back to a better place?  This is a very high stress time for me.  The way I regroup is by saving special emails and messages from the community of Yellowberry wearers and my supporters.  Reading them reminds me of why I am doing what I am doing and brings everything back into persecutive.

8. What does She’s Fit to Lead mean to you?  She’s Fit to Lead is a great way for me to see and learn about people who are doing things like I am. It can be lonely to be a founder, and when I read about young entrepreneurs like Remi Lubcher, Dani Egna or Caroline Granger for instance,  I don’t feel like so much of an island, and I don’t feel so alone.

9. What did we miss? What should everyone know about you that we forgot to ask?  I just want everyone to know how important the quality of my product and its messaging are to me.  I am literally putting in all the time, thought and effort I have to deliver the best possible product that I can.

Megan, thank you for the inspiration, and once again, welcome to The Fit List.

Leave a comment or email us at info@shesfittolead.com, and you entered in a drawing to win a Scout bra courtesy of Yellowberry.

5 thoughts on ““Go Make It Happen!” Welcome To The Fit List, Megan Grassell, founder of Yellowberry

  1. This is such an inspiring story! being a little sister myself I don’t think my sister realizes how much I actually look up to her. You’re not only setting a great example to your own sister but also to girls of all ages around the world.

  2. The ideals and story behind your product are inspired. As a teenager myself, and soon to be early twenties, I completely agree that we should give young girls confident-boosting clothing items instead of the opposite. I LOVE your bras, even for girls my age. You are amazing.

  3. Loved reading this article and learning about the YellowBerry brand and it’s humbling beginnings. I think one of my favorite things about this brand is that Megan has stayed true to her humble roots within the brand, and makes YellowBerry part of a positive lifestyle that is very appealing. I went on the website and love the products they are very all very cute and have a positive vibe to them because they aren’t forcing girls to choose amongst edgy bras that are very unnecessary. I wish that I was able to have a YellowBerry bra when I started looking for them because they are a lot less intimidating, especially since it’s an intimidating time because one does not really understand or is coming to grasps with their changing body.

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