June 6 2016

Monday Motivators: Meet The Founders of @foodporndaily1

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What does it take to have a leading food Instagram account? What happens when something you started as a joke turns into a real business? We figured that with 103,000 followers and over 3,000 posts, Marci Weiss, Jill Kushner, Sydney Burger, Sydney Fleisher and Jessie Gloger of @foodporndaily1 would definitely know the answer. Check out what they had to say:

How did @foodporndaily1 get started?

It started as a joke when we were all freshmen in high school. We wanted to do something fun. Sydney Burger started it because of her insane love of food, and it had a few followers mostly consisting of friends. Then when we were sophomores, Jessie Gloger and Marci Weiss begged Sydney to be a part of it, and, with all of us involved, we were able to expand the follower base. Finally, Jill Kushner and Sydney Fleisher joined, and we all added something a little different to the table.

reprinted with permission from @foodporndaily1

reprinted with permission from @foodporndaily1 (Sydney Fleisher missing)

Is it hard maintaining the Instagram account while at school?

It’s really hard maintaining it at school, especially because we are all at different schools (Jill and Marci at IU, Sydney Burger at UT-Austin, Sydney Flesher at GW and Jessie at Michigan), and we all work on different schedules. We have a group text and when we need to talk about issues with posts or about an email we got from someone and we will write in it and come up with a consensus.

What are your favorite places to eat?

My favorite restaurant is a place near me called Sugo. I mostly like the boutique-type restaurants like Italian and brunch restaurants but, honestly, we eat everything.

image courtesy of @foodporndaily1

image courtesy of @foodporndaily1

How do you make your Instagram stand out?

@Foodporndaily1 stands out because all of our pictures, for the most part, are taken by us or other people  versus taking them from other food accounts. For us, we feel that we should be giving real people a chance to show off their food rather than just posting other food accounts who don’t need the publicity. We also post pictures from around the world, but are also clearly pretty partial to around where we came from in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and east coast. (That’s where most of our pics are from). Also we stand out because we post daily, hence the name. Other food accounts post a few times a week or every other day, but we are unique in that we post multiple times a day, every day.

courtesy of @foodporndaily1

courtesy of @foodporndaily1

Do restaurants compensate you, in any way, for promoting their venue? If so, how?

Restaurants sometimes ask us to post them, and we usually charge a fee for posting. They pick the picture and when they would like us to post.

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