March 24 2017

Feeling Pressure About the Summer?

It seems like now a days Summer is anything but relaxing. People get looks if they don’t have the answer to, “what are you doing this summer?” And, often, we feel the need to achieve something great in the 3-month period time. Yes, it is an opportunity to strengthen you resume, and, yes, it is a time to get some extra cash. However, we are forgetting what summer used to be all about.

Summer is the warmest season where days are longer and the air is fresh. Take advantage of this beautiful weather. You’ll be wanting the Vitamin C come winter, so try do all of your activities outside. Sunlight increases serotonin levels, making you feel happier and care-free. This way, while you may be stressing about what you need to get done in the summer, you could always take a good book outside and soak up what mother nature has to offer.

Be grateful for the time you get to spend with the ones you love the most. Perhaps you can make this the season of rekindling past relationships. Summer can often be a time when you just think of yourself and what you want to do, so take the pressure off by socializing with people. You never know, in these interactions you may learn more about the world and yourself than you would have spending time alone.

Take a deep breath in the Summer. If you push yourself too hard now, you may be overworked for the coming seasons. I know it seems like people are putting a lot of stress on the Summer, but my best advice is to have a balanced life throughout these short 3-months. Work, but also do what makes you feel happy and relaxed. So the next time someone asks you, “what are you doing this summer?” confidently answer the question by saying, “I am taking the opportunity to both rest and learn more about what I love to do.”

About Emma Spoldi

Hi, my name is Emma! I’m a true Cali-girl at heart, but I now live in northern New Jersey about 45 minutes away from NYC. Currently I am studying New Media and Digital Design, as well as Journalism, at Fordham University as a sophomore. If you ever need to find me, you can catch me exploring NYC’s busy streets or trying new types of food at restaurants. I am also a dog enthusiast and will think ANY, literally any, dog is cute...aka send me pictures. Apart from graduating college, one of my big goals is to run the New York City Marathon, so you can count on me if you need a fitness buddy!

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