April 21 2017

#FearlessFriday – Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence — every girl wants it because when you give a girl confidence, she feels like she can do anything.

However, every girl that I have talked to has, in some way, struggled with this. So, believe me when I say that you are not alone.

In today’s society, finding confidence is something that can be seen as difficult. We are always hearing about how if we aren’t doing something that conforms to society’s standards, then we are wrong, and those standards can be conflicting themselves.  For example, if we are not smaller than a size 2, then it’s time to lose weight, but heaven help you if “they” decide you are too thin, in which case, you are constantly told to eat something.  Alicia Keys is an icon for going sans makeup, but if you’re not naturally beautiful, according to society’s standards, you better wear makeup. Not to mention academics — how could you possibly go to school for x, and yet not know y.  The list goes on and on.

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These things that society sees as standards — which honestly are just people’s opinions — actually make life more difficult.

Confidence is all about yourself and the way you feel.  If you are feeling down look at these tips below that can help you boost your confidence. Remember that what matters is you, not people’s opinions, and, therefore, “standards” really don’t mean a thing!  With that:

    • Let go of the need to be perfect. Nobody is.
    • Dress how you want to feel; it will build your inner confidence.
    • Smile — you will feel the positivity around you.
    • Work on turning your weaknesses into strengths.
    • Adjust your posture — stand up straight. It makes you look in control.
    • Text your best friend; he or she will always show you love.
    • Treat yourself to a new hair-do, massage or even a nail day.
    • Surround yourself with supportive people.
    • Cancel out the negativity and focus on the positives.
    • Surround yourself with positive people.

During the journey through this thing called life, it is easy to lose your sense of self-confidence, feel defeated, feel that you aren’t good enough or even that you wish that you were someone else, but confidence is what will take you far in work, college and life, and we are all capable of building it. Some days you will cry, some days you will be afraid of what the future holds and some days you just won’t be feeling it, but I promise you that it is OK, just let it out and move on. Building confidence starts with your actions and doing the things that you are afraid of. Once you do the things you are afraid of, you realize you can do them, and you start to build trust and self-confidence. Remind yourself of your goals, dreams, all the things that you are good at or working towards, and, most importantly, don’t ever let anyone knock you down. Be proud, look yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself and always smile because you are more than perfect.

Here’s to a #FearlessFriday and a #WinningWeekend filled with confidence!

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