March 31 2018

Favorite 2018 Spring Fashion Trends By Guest Blogger, Jane Silver

Spring has always been a favorite season of mine. Temperatures start off cool but by the end of spring, the sun is out, the birds are chirping and there’s a sense of serenity in the air.

Are you ready to break out a cheerful and exciting wardrobe for Spring?

Whether you are hiking up the tallest mountain, visiting the nearest park or exploring a new city there are staples for every stylish woman to add to their wardrobe in 2018! An article about Spring Fashion Week from WWD.com shows the latest trends from the runways in New York and London. *

Let’s start with “Haute Denim” from New York Fashion week. A couple of versatile jean jackets are all you need! My current favorite is one I personalized with patches and pins.

Denim shorts are also a must.

Dress up a basic pair with a fun tee-shirt that makes a statement or highlight a stand out pair with a basic shirt in black or white. If you are feeling extra feminine, you can always break out a jean dress or skirt!

When temperatures drop, I opt for skinny jeans in any color.

Another note-worthy spring trend is “Mixed Prints” straight from 2018 London fashion week! My favorite way to rock this trend is in a bathing suit. I am a huge fan of reversible bathing suits that feature one solid and one print side or two patterns. This is a great value that allows for more opportunities to mix and match.  A floral romper with a jean jacket is also a top mix and match spring ensemble!

“Pastels” continue to be part of London’s Fashion Week! Fresh and fun pastel sunglasses, shorts, shirts and sweaters are timeless looks for spring.

The spring trend everyone is talking about is “Saturated.” Deep colors that really pop are hard to ignore. This trend comes from New York Fashion Week! Hot pink is my color choice in any season, but I am also loving the deep yellows, oranges and blues that have hit the runway this year.

For the budget friendly fashion gurus, there are many ways to create an affordable wardrobe with all of these just off the runway trends. I love to take inspiration from expensive looks and find them for less or try to create them myself. If you find a piece with a pop of color you can’t resist, go for it because you only get one life to live, so you might as well make it stylish!

Jane Silver is a professional copywriter living and working in South Florida.
She enjoys writing about current events as well as fashion and culinary trends.
She is also passionate about living a lifestyle of confidence and positivity and looks forward to sharing that with you.







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