October 3 2016

Introducing FabFitFun – Confidence In A Box!

Here at SFTL, our mission to #ConnectToConfidence is the very essence of what we produce – the articles we write, the people we interview, and for me personally, it is the very reason for why I applied to write for SFTL in the beginning. Confidence, as you will know from both experience and the articles circulated here, is complicated and difficult. The many dimensions of what it takes to be truly confident, and to truly love yourself, are extraordinary. And I am proud to be writing for a platform that promotes the acceptance and overcoming of such a challenge.

One aspect of confidence, however, which is oftentimes overlooked or undermined is your physicality. Whilst I personally 100% support that notion that how you look and what you wear does NOT define you as a person, I similarly support the notion that making an effort to look and feel your best – for you – is important and can enhance your confidence as well. That said, I am equally honored to be working with FabFitFun – a company that enables you to care for your physicality with style, ease, affordability and creativity!

What is FabFitFun?

Essentially, FabFitFun send out seasonal boxes of goodies to girls containing FULL SIZED products ranging from beauty and lifestyle, to health and fitness. FabFitFun pairs up with a number of seriously incredible companies in order to bring to you a selection of some of the finest and hottest products and treats on the market! In doing so, you can get an enormous box with a TON of goodies – valued at $200 – for just $49!

PLUS, if you use the discount code “ITSLIT” at the checkout, you’ll receive an extra 10% off your first box!

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Me receiving my most recent “Fall” box – note, I can’t even fit all the goodies in this photo!

I can personally promise you that, as a customer, the products and reliability of FabFitFun is astounding. With over 280k followers on Instagram, a ton of girls of all ages are getting amazing seasonal gifts and exploring products that they otherwise may not have been familiar with or been able to purchase.

As I mentioned before – confidence is complicated.

You do not have to look or be one thing or another in order to be likable, cool, trendy or anything at all! But you do have to dress and act the ways that enable you to be you.

Don’t be afraid of branching out and exploring – you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Oh, and stay true.

Check out FabFitFun here, or get in touch with me for more information!

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