August 6 2016

Documentaries for the Health-Conscious


As nerdy as I may sound–and as much as I may regret admitting this publicly–I’m addicted to documentaries.

Like most kids, I grew up associating the word ‘documentary’ with those incredibly dry and over-dramatic films that you’d watch in class about medieval castles or the lifestyle of frogs. And this can certainly be the case, however, there are–as Netflix has made me realize–many documentaries that are interesting, entertaining and surprisingly relevant out there.

For me, it was my transition into researching and becoming vegan that got me into the loop of watching health related documentaries, but even though I made the switch to a vegan diet nearly a year ago, I still love a good sit down.

That said, it’s often finding the right documentaries to watch that is the challenge. Thus, without further ado, I present to you my very own short list of the best health related documentaries I’ve found, watched and enjoyed thus far. Whether or not you’re contemplating a lifestyle or diet change up, these are the kinds of things that everyone should know about food, the food industry, health, illness, the environment and social manipulation.

(Those marked with an ‘N’ can be found on Netflix).

1. Cowspiracy (N)
2. That Sugar Film
3. Food Inc. (N)
4. 100 Reasons to go Vegan
5. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (N)
6. Fed Up (N)
7. Hungry For Change (N)
8. Food Matters (N)

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