May 8 2016

Dear Mom, Thank You For Everything

Throughout high school, my mom and I always had that relationship where we cared for one another, but we always disagreed about something. Whether is was my curfew, who I was hanging out with, where I was going, if my room was clean, if I was going to be home for dinner, or if my homework was done, the list could honestly go on forever. Despite that, she was always there when I needed her.  She was always there to pick me up from school.   She was always there to tell me what to do, and she provided for me in every way that she could.

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It wasn’t until I wasn’t living under her roof anymore that I started to miss her saying, “Zara, go to sleep,” “Zara, it’s past your curfew,” “Zara, where are you?” “Zara, you have an appointment,” “Zara, can you do the dishes?” “Zara, are you packed?” “Zara, don’t forget this,” “Zara, do that.”

Image source via tumblr.com

Image source via tumblr.com

After moving out, I had all this freedom. My mom didn’t know where I was, what I was doing, where I was going or who I was with. Yeah, that new freedom was nice for a little while, but when I realized my mom wasn’t there, this new freedom wasn’t something I wanted anymore. I learned the hard way that if I stay out late, I can’t easily get up in the morning, that hanging out with certain people would get me into trouble, and that not cleaning my room weekly like my mom made me turned out to be a disaster on its own.

That’s when I realized — and hated to admit — that my mom was definitely right about most things.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.48.39 PMAs time went on, I fully understood my relationship with my mom. I used to try and hide my personal life, because I was afraid what she might have said, but, now, she’s the first person I call when I hear something new or have exciting news to tell.

When you realize your mom is more than just having home-cooked meals or there to do your laundry, there are many things we forget to thank them for. So, today on Mother’s Day, I would like to thank my mom for some of the things she has done:

  1. Thank you for not giving up on me, since I was your only little girl out of four children
  2. Thank you for letting me have all those pets, even though they smelled bad
  3. Thank you for all those cute outfits and hair do’s you did for me. I can’t pull them off anymore
  4. Thank you for cleaning my room and doing my laundry before I was gone
  5. Thank you for teaching me to work hard for what I want
  6. Thank you for always helping me find the perfect outfit
  7. Thank you for all the homemade food and recipes
  8. Thank you for your patience
  9. Thank you for making me feel beautiful
  10. Thank you for calling or texting me just to see how I am doing
  11. Thank you for always giving the best advice
  12. Thank you for our wonderful family
  13. Thank you for always asking about my grades
  14. Thank you for sending me care packages of things you know I like; no one knows me better than you
  15. Thank you for always encouraging me to do more
  16. Thank you for answering the call if I need to rant
  17. Thank you for visiting me
  18. Thank you for putting me in my place when I am wrong, even if I disagree
  19. Thank you for being so welcoming whenever I come back home
  20. Thank you for being you
  21. Thank you for sharing all my articles for SFTL.  It means a lot
  22. Thank you for the best 22 years of my life

Although “thank you” doesn’t express my love and appreciation for you and all that you have done; thank you anyway. I am so lucky to have a beautiful, intelligent, caring and empowering role model like you in my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me. I will never forget all the practices you took me to, all the food we have made together, all the crafts we have done, all the vacations we have gone on and all the memories we have made together.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

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One thought on “Dear Mom, Thank You For Everything

  1. Zara, The best gift ever! I couldn’t be prouder of you. Continue being the shining star we know you are. Live and learn Now it’s time for you to show the whole world what you got! Always to the moon and back thank you! See you Friday at your graduation. All my love always! mom

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