September 13 2016

Dear Entitle(MEN)t

Let me first say that I am not sorry for telling you ‘no.’

I am not sorry whatsoever for not giving you the power to dictate my body. I am not sorry for the distrust I have in your intentions and for not giving you the opportunity to degrade me and my potential. I am not now, nor will I ever be sorry for ensuring my permanent happiness takes precedence over your temporary desires.

I am not sorry for offending you with my voice on women’s rights, for without exercising my voice, I am existing as a patriarchal echo. I’m not sorry for refusing your so-called ‘right’ to my body when we’ve had a few drinks and shared few bits of conversation, for allowing my emotions to steer me to a sometimes over-emotional rant, or for creating a belief system that doesn’t include me idolizing you or your actions.

Lastly, I’m not sorry for you and your desire for entitlement. We all have our own battles to fight, addictions to overcome, and hurdles to jump over. You, unfortunately, just haven’t had the proper guidance to teach you how to appreciate life for what it is and to handle it in a respectful and unifying manner.

I am not now, nor will I ever be sorry, and I am not intimidated.

I’m not intimidated by your demeaning comments, inappropriate gestures, or threatening advances. I’m not intimidated by your belief that I am not good enough and that without you, I’ll amount to nothing. I’m not intimidated by your expectations of what a woman is, for all women are women no matter who they are, what they do, or what they believe.

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Those apologetic and intimidating feelings are not within my soul because I know I don’t need you. My life is a book and I am the author. You are not the co-author, the editor, or the publisher; you are the traces of lead erased from my pages, for you have no meaning in my book and no ownership of who I am.

I will never submit to what you expect of me, for I am my own person and you are not who makes me happy and fulfills my desire to live — I am.

I am unique, I am beautiful, and I know where I stand with my values. I will never apologize for my unwillingness to cater to you. I hope all women understand that they don’t need you in order to share those values, but most of all, I hope you understand it enough to know that your entitlement doesn’t expand to owning those around you.

Your entitlement doesn’t own me, and my self-respect is the only thing that will dictate my life.

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