April 29 2016

How Dancing Has Shaped My Life

When I get asked, “What are your hobbies?” or “What sport do you enjoy?” I simply say, “I dance.”
Yes, I have had to argue the “sport” part a lot, but I will vouch for it 100 percent.
dance1Picture a little girl’s first dance recital. A baby ballerina on stage, wearing soft pink-colored tights and a tutu. dance2As time goes on,  hear the word dancer, and you may picture Misty Copeland,  a professional from the American Ballet Theater Company, leaping across the stage.

Dancing has taught me that it is important to work hard for what you want to achieve.  For me and many others, dancing is a form of self-expression. Just as Pablo Picasso would put his heart and soul into his paintings, anyone can have a passion for art, in this case, dance. There are multiple variations that are taught: hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, and more, and each allows one to express moments, emotions and so much more.Primarily, dancing has provided me with wellness and education. Everyone can benefit from the

Primarily, dancing has provided me with wellness and education. Everyone can benefit from the aerobic exercise that dance provides. It can serve as a stress reliever that works all muscles in the body and works to strengthen joints. You can condition your body as part of leading a healthier lifestyle. On average, stretching at least 15 minutes a day is good for the body. In dance, you begin doing just that because flexibility is the base of every aspect of dance. Yes, self-expression is important, but dancing is a great way to make you enjoy exercising, too.
Dance is also educational.  The origin of ballet comes from France and Russia. Today, words such as
· Assemble:

· [Grand] Battements:


and Grand jeté

grand-jeteare still used in its teachings. Children also learn about various time periods of history through dance, such as Jazz from the Roaring Twenties or even native dances of particular countries. In addition, the music incorporated into dance can help children identify beats and individual instruments. Overall, anyone can benefit from this kind of positive attitude and self-expression.

Personally, I believe dance teaches discipline, such as time-management, respect, and priority. I remember how important it was to schedule around the times I would be at dance practice and around school work. I can relate.
dance5The benefits from dance can be useful your whole life.  Dancing has brought me countless hours of entertainment and the feeling of self-fulfillment. If you want to improve, you better get to work.

dont-practice-until-you-get-it-right-practice-until-you-cant-get-it-wrong-ambition-quoteDancing over the ages has been a way to bring people together. If I take a count, I have gone to multiple studios, been on a few teams and met some incredible individuals. I feel that dancing, as a whole, has led me to make friends with people of all age groups, thus helping me mature and connect with others growing up. Dancing can aid with building bonds, through not only similar interest and common knowledge, but also with fun and long lasting memories.
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