May 23 2016

Connect to Confidence Recap

After first hearing about the Connect to Confidence conference back in the fall, I was nothing but excited to see all the hard work and operations of She’s Fit to Lead make this event a reality. Waiting a long couple of months for this day to come around, it was more than I even expected. Filled with words of wisdom from inspirational women speakers and a wide variety of #STOREFRONT products, it is safe to say that I am not alone when I say the first annual Connect to Confidence event was an enormous success.  Here are some of the most memorable aspects of the conference.


Ranging from venture capitalists to registered dietitians, these leading ladies spoke about their own personal experiences on their journeys to success and focused on empowering women to be their truest, most confident selves in and out of the workplace.


Placed in the entrance of the event, #STOREFRONTS debuted products and samples from sponsons and female entrepreneurs  featured on She’s Fit to Lead. Ranging from yummy goods like Baked By Melissa Cupcakes and jewelry from Little Words Project and EmJohn, it was any girl’s dream. IMG_8778IMG_8752IMG_8772









With so many women in various professions, the ability to network is endless. What’s so great about She’s Fit to Lead is the endless opportunities to connect with some of the most prestigious women in the working world.



With the conference held in NYC, it was a prime location for our speakers, writers, and storefront vendors to get to. Held at the Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village, the venue and area itself was filled with culture. Let’s see where next year takes us!










Being surrounded by such inspirational women

Hearing the road to success from the panelists and even being around women from all over the country was such a humbling experience. Being surrounded by other women who are trying to break the glass ceiling was so inspiring, as myself and many of the young women that attended the conference are entering the work force in the near future. 


IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8769









Swag bags

swagbagFilled with yummy snacks and gifts from our generous sponsors and speakers, this was one of the many perks of attending the conference.


Entrepreneurial spirit 

Being a college girl myself, seeing fellow peers following their dreams and passions at such a young age was truly inspiring. Before even graduating college these women were able to start and continue to run successful businesses while still handling their course work.

IMG_8763 IMG_8761 IMG_8762

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