December 7 2015

Color Me Happy! Colors to Wear To Keep Your Spirits Up – Hillary

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Ever since I was a little girl I always loved the winter…until the Holidays ended that is. I am always searching for ways to brighten up the dreaded months of January and February, and what better way than to add some color into your wardrobe?! Although it may sound a bit cliché, I am a huge believer in that what you wear has a significant impact on your overall mood, as well as how confident you feel leaving the house in the morning.

Consider it “wearapy” if you will… instead of wearing a ton of black (I am so guilty of this) this winter, amp up your winter seasonal blues by wearing more pastels and bright colors! I’ve personally found that when I wear bright colors, especially bright pink, green and blue – I feel happier and less apt to get down during the winter months. Our bodies have an innate reaction to color, for example when you look at red, it increases your heart rate. The same can go for your overall mood when wearing colors that are bright and cheery rather than dull and dark. Simply looking at warm, bright colors releases dopamine – or the “feel good hormone” which can improve your mood and heighten your attention span.

There are so many great ways to add in some color to your winter wardrobe – you can start with buying bright colored sweaters and scarves, which are easy to incorporate. Pants can be a bit trickier, but I promise you can pull them off, just balance it out by wearing a neutral top!

Amazon is a great place to go for bright colored clothing, and you get a ton of bang for your buck!
And if you’re looking for ways to add in some color to your workout routine, check out SweatyBetty.com – whether you’re a runner, yogi, skier, or like to release those endorphins in the gym, I guarantee you’ll find something to brighten up your workout!

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Screenshot 2015-11-15 09.02.35I’m Hillary! University of Mississippi Dietetics graduate, future RDN, peanut butter addict, runner. I love traveling, thunderstorms, healthy eats and always saving room for dessert! Nourish to flourish y’all!

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