March 21 2016

You’ve almost made it. The last two months are officially here! By Zara Puskuldjian

Chevy-ChaseHeading back from spring break, feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement, because it feels like yesterday when we moved into our freshman dorms with our tiny hard beds that we dreaded along with saying goodbye to our families, as it was time to face reality of being on our own. That’s when we marked the beginning of a new journey we called college… but where did it go….?

Well first, Congratulations! We are almost there! These past 4 years have given us special memories that we will hold on to forever. Although at times we begged to go f3c74a4d977aacfd4fc410429e062d9bhome, because we missed our beds, our friends, families and pets more then ever, time went on and our new lives began, and we actually started loving every moment of it.

You won’t believe how fast time goes by when you’re living with friends on your own and not told what to do anymore. But it’s time to believe it.  The final stretch, the final 2 months of your college career, is here.  You did it!

When we realize that the time left is nothing compared to our time as freshmen, sophomores and even juniors, and as much as we want to cry about the good times that weren’t long enough, we are secretly excited to take what we learned these 4 years and see what the future has to offer us.


635813131772676035-2123570731_largeFreshmen, Sophomores and Juniors, enjoy it while you can, and believe me when I say it.  Once senior year hits, it goes by faster then anything you could imagine. We seniors for the next two months are going to savor every moment we get to spend on campus, with our friends, in the library and in the dining hall (cause we all secretly know we’re going to miss the food), and we’ll be raising our glasses to all the good times past and present.

Seniors, if you don’t have senioritis already, believe me, it’s going to hit you hard during these final months. You’ll find yourself sad that school is coming to an end, less motivated, worrying about where you’re going next, slacking with your grades cause “you know you’re graduating anyway”, showing up late to class, savoring every last moment we have left, and constantly being reminded “this is the end”, Post-grad two-cents: “You’re really going to miss this,” and how could I forget, being constantly asked “What are your plans after college?”


Consider these tips to avoid senioritis, or at least manage it so you can still graduate on time:

– Take care of yourself: a snack a day will help you mentally stay on track.  So will a workout!
– Stay organized: Make sure you can manage school, friends, work and the last of your academics; class is not optional and extra credit assignments aren’t a joke!
– Get motivated:  The more prepared you are, the easier it will be when you’re  ready to take the next step.
– Visit the career center: **Most important, because once you’re done, the intelligent people in there will no longer be able to help you.  Facing stressful decisions about after graduation plans?  Your career center can help you prepare for an interview, advise you about job openings, tell you about available workshops, and help you  fix your resume and even your Linkedin account!


Its time to make the most of these last two months.  Instead of being sad about the times that are now in the past, think of all the other “firsts” that will be coming your way. Thank your friends and family that stuck with you along the way, and pat yourself on the back for making it through this stage of life when those first days of freshman year, you never thought you would make it through.

Oh and… campus babies… best of luck to you all, and really enjoy it while you can. I mean it.


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