April 23 2016

That Time I Took a Chance On Me

Confidence. Honestly, what the heck does that word mean? We always talk about, and strive to have it, but what is “it?”

If you look up the definition, you come across a description stating it is, “A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.” So, how do we gain this confidence?

Honestly, I’m not the most confident person, but I think a large reason for the confidence I do have is from attending an all girls school from 5th to 12th grade, and, now, being in a sorority. Being around girls who build you up and help you become your best self is truly a confidence booster.

People always ask me if I liked going to an all-girls school, and my answer is always yes. Being around only girls allows you to be yourself. You can walk down the hall singing at the top of your lungs and no one even thinks twice about it. You can roll out of bed without brushing your hair or putting on makeup and no one questions it.

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

However, in the past three months, I’ve taken more chances on myself than I ever have before. Maybe it’s a result of growing up and maturing, but more than likely, it’s because I’ve become so comfortable with a group of people.

Being in a sorority is so much more than just a new group of friends, or something social. It’s helped me find my best friends, but even more, it’s helped me find myself. Maybe it’s the unconditional, endless love. Maybe it’s the fact that I can call 200 individuals “my person.” Someone is always there for me, whether it’s to help me pick out an outfit, eat dinner with, or to listen and give advice. By having these people that believe in me so much, it’s helped me believe in myself.

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

Anyone can have this group of friends, it doesn’t necessarily have to be from Greek life. Anyone who helps you #ConnecttoConfidence, stays by your side and contributes to your own confidence and happiness is your person. Since the word “confidence” is such a broad term, a clearer way of putting it is that I have learned to accept myself, flaws and all.

It’s helped me become a leader. Sure, I was swim captain and had to use leadership skills in high school, but now, the girl who is terrified of public speaking, jumps at the opportunity to because she knows she has 200 people supporting her 100 percent. I’m taking chances I never would have imagined. I got voted “most spirit” for our formal superlatives. It may not seem like much but when I told my younger sister, her response was, “You’ll probably be the president senior year at this rate.” Each person encourages me to grow as a leader and as a person and gives me all the empowerment I need to feel like I can accomplish anything.

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

photo courtesy of J. Cohen

It’s only been four months, but I already truly see the difference. Forget any stereotype you’ve ever associated with sororities, because every single part of it is rewarding. It sounds cheesy, but I worry less and smile more. Before rushing, I admired how confident the sorority girls I saw around me were.  Most importantly, however, the first time I ever talked to someone in my sorority, I was immediately and surprisingly comfortable enough to be myself. I’d never met someone so similar to me in my entire life; girls like her fill this organization and it is for that reason that I feel I fit in so well.

Each day, I take a chance on myself; I become a little more confident every day. Girls have the ability to empower one another, and help each other become the best that they can be. I now truly trust in my abilities and judgments, and I know that I don’t have to make them alone.

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